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Today, after 30 hours of non-surgical voice repair, speaking and singing instruction and herbal treatment, we are saying goodbye to our New York client, John Polanco.  With his permission, we would like to share his story with you, our readers. 

Ever since he was a young boy, he had a real passion for singing. He discovered that singing, especially in his native language  (Spanish) made him very happy and very joyous. 

He began to sing with friends at parties and by himself. Many people (his musician friends included) were giving him advice on how to sing better. He had carefully listened to them and tried to adapt all of the new "techniques" they were suggesting him to employ.

He was also imitating all if the famous and not so famous Spanish singers and he loved doing it, until he noticed that his voice did not perform the same anymore. He tried to push and pull his voice until he could not do it any longer. 

That was 20 years ago and he decided to pack it in. Moreover, his family was not supportive to his singing at all. And then 5 years ago, John got severely injured at work. He had become physically disabled on many levels. Needless to say, also, since then, he also (understandably so) became angry and depressed.

On that premise, trying to come out of depression, he remembered one thing that used to make him happy, and that was his singing. And now, searching on the Internet for singing lessons for his granddaughter, he, by fluke, stumbled upon our website

When he looked at the site and read the content, his decision was made to come to Canada to fix and rejuvenate his voice, I.e. to regain his happiness and zest for life again.

Throughout the 30-hour course, there were a lot of emotions and tears shed during the process, especially when we started to work on the (once dear) Spanish songs. During the instruction of some of the songs, he had become so emotional, I was unable to continue the instruction utilizing those songs. I had to find the songs in English and In Spanish, which John was not personally attached to.

Now, 30 hours later of non-surgical voice repair and the Vocal Science technique, read below what John had said after struggling with physical, emotional and vocal strain:

“I don't feel the pain in my throat anymore.  Obviously before I placed the notes in the wrong places, and therefore, my throat felt scratchy and very constricted. After all, I had a nodule on my vocal cord for many years. Now I can feel and hear the difference and I can manage it without any pain in my throat. So, it's a big gap - a big difference! Before I am even talking, I feel that I can manage how to avoid putting the pressure in my throat. Another thing is now I am learning where the sound has to go. Before all of this, I had no idea where the sound or where the air had to go to produce the sound. I know now that when the sound is placed in the wrong area, I feel that I am forcing my vocal cords. Now, when the sound goes to the right place, I feel completely relieved and can hear my voice being beautiful and clean. It has a much wider, stronger and solid sound.”

“This is like I have a brand new voice! I did not have this type of voice for a while! I do not remember having a voice like that! 
Ms. Diana is the best you could have as a teacher to cure your voice as she did with me."

Doesn’t that sound like a happy ending? Yes, it does… but with a little twist:

John, upon arriving back home, contacted us, thanked us immensely and said that, unfortunately, he would have to choose his wife’s wishes of him never singing again over coming back to us and continuing his vocal journey.



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