Vocally Speaking - Would you like to conquer your vocal problems or would you rather learn how to live with them?

It never ceases to amaze me when a lot of people are inquiring about serious voice problems and then, in the end, end up doing nothing to fix it. They talk a lot about it, they join support groups to share their sufferings, inadequacies, insecurities, practically disabilities which rob them of the enjoyment of the regular human life. The loss of the ability to use their voice in what is considered to be a normal sense often results in the loss of their jobs and the loss of their relationships. They are all complaining about via numerous emails and discussion board postings, yet when I suggest to them to pick up the phone and let me hear their voice so I can pinpoint whether or not I can help them, there are less than 1% of people will do that even though it might lead them towards finding a non-invasive cure. You would think, "What would prevent them from picking up the phone and calling a toll-free number?" I have thought about it long and hard and finally I came to the conclusion that THEY DON'T WANT TO BE HELPED! If they did, they would be actively looking for conventional help or alternative help to boot. Instead of that, they are feeling sorry for themselves and want others to feel sorry for them, while finding excuses why they cannot obtain any help. Some people with voice disorders are absolutely terrified of using the phone. Being sensitive, I can understand that on any everyday basis that might be a task. But when they are emailing a highly reputable voice specialist and asking for help and when they are advised to place a call, they never do. Some of them even said that they would be excited and delighted to do so and then never called either. So the conclusion is - they want to be helped in theory, but not with practical means. It's a pity, but so be it. They probably rely on God, but God only helps those that help themselves.


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