Vocally Speaking – Is There Change Without Change? If There Is, Can You Handle It?

A certain percentage of people are coming to us for speech development sessions, often followed by the vocal lessons.

Usually that category of people is comprised of shy individuals who are very soft spoken without any projection of their voice or the message they are trying to convey.

Some of them have damaged voices.

Often they mumble and there is no clarity in their pronunciation, kind of like they have marbles in their mouths.

Some of them are actually inquiring about singing lessons without having any idea that if they hardly could speak, how in the world would they have their singing voice delivered?!

In the first place, the voice is the spirit and, if the voice is shut down, the spirit of that individual is also hidden and not present.

The voice is a reflection of the state of one’s being, an identification of who this person is.

Quite often the people conducting themselves that way are dying to be more loud, more expressive, more emotional and more passionate, but do not know how to call it out of themselves.

That is where my skill comes into play.

By using a set of certain speech exercises and specific scripts which are aimed towards the person’s self esteem and self worth and that require a loud and exclaiming voice, which naturally “force” one’s emotion and, thus, the projection of that emotion via voice and sound.

Before you know it, while in a course with me and playing with their improvs, these people are turning into somebody who even they are not familiar with.

Yes, it is scary, but also very exciting.

Often their loved ones are a little shocked and confused, as my clients become very talkative, quite loud and very expressive.

The wife of one of my clients from the past was ready to file for divorce, as she was claiming that her husband became a stranger and a very “aggressive” one.

What happened was that my client undertook a very substantial voice repair and was kind of whispering before he came to me and, thus, being quite withdrawn for the past 10 years. All of a sudden he became vocal and started reaching out.

Moreover, he was suggesting to go to a Karaoke Club on a Saturday night to try his new voice and embark on some singing as well, which was a complete shock to his wife.

I had to give him some advice to slow down a little, as I did not want the family to break up.

So the question is – is there change without change?

Evidently not.

In other words, watch out what you are wishing for, because you just might get it, as well as some other changes along with it.

The conclusion of it is that these kinds of changes are definitely not for the faint of heart.


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