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The above requires a specific set of skills to diagnose and to treat those complicated voice disorders - like SD, MTD and many others - naturally and alternatively with the holistic approach to vocal mechanics and the person as a whole!

As it appears to be, for a vocal disorder like muscle tension dysphonia (MTD), the only thing the speech therapists are able to offer to the sufferer is a neck massage - which is a totally useless procedure concerning the voice repair issue…

Regarding spasmodic dysphonia (SD), the only option the medical professionals have to offer is botox injections into the muscles around the patients’ vocal cords.

It is a known fact that, for some people, it does work for 2 or 3 months at the most; for others, it does not work at all.

Regardless, none of the above manipulations would work to bring the human voice to, at least, a reasonable restoration and recovery.

The only solution for those sufferers is to be holistically assessed in order to address the whole life history of the person of interest, find the cause and outline the best course of action in order to be able to achieve the desired outcome - the best and fastest possible recovery on every conceivable level.

As far as singers are concerned:

If they do not own a proper vocal technique, they might be asking for trouble…

The abuse and misuse of their voice could lead to permanent damage of the vocal anatomy.

So in this case a lot of action is required…

  • Firstly the singer has to address the vocal rest and amid the singing in all possible facets.
  • Then their everyday diet has to be thoroughly examined and thus addressed.
  • The food and drinks, for that matter, cannot be too acidic or mucousy.
  • All the beverages have to be room temperature.
  • Anything creamy - like Nutella, peanut butter or yogurt - has to be excluded.

After the vocal anatomy gets healed to a reasonable degree, the actual singing voice restoration will begin.

The specially designed singing exercises will take place and once conquered, they will be completely applicable to the songs of any choice, calibre and style.

Those singing exercises will address all possible combinations of sounds, duration and pitch (the intervals) as well as all possible situations where those combinations will or may exist.

Once we get the singer in complete balance on every level and also educate him or her about the mechanical side of things, the mission will be complete and the singer will become sound (no pan intended).

To conclude:

Remember, if you are just concerned about your speaking voice, or moreover, you are a singer (or would like to become one), you need to take very good care of your “instrument” (vocal anatomy).

We, on the other hand, will assure that under our care, you will become a perfect “player”, and thus will be able to take the maximum capacity of your given gift (the instrument) which, in turn, will allow you to preserve it for a lifetime!


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