Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Vocal Science: Fixing Voices Is Not Just Our Full Time Job, It Is Our Full Time Passion!!

We truly love to transform lives and put people back into their “vocal shoes”, (like one of our clients from the past professed to us).

We work with regular people with speech problems and with those who want to turn their speaking voice into their profession. We also work with people who just simply want to learn how to sing better. And, respectively, we work with professional singers who either want to prevent their voice from damage, or who already had damaged it. And are now in need of non-surgical voice repair.

If we are talking about any voice repair cases at all, we are talking about a very complex approach to treatment, which, first of all, includes psychological counseling, and thus helps to identify the actual cause of ones’ vocal trauma.

Sometimes, their vocal (and other related) problems have very deep roots lying beneath. And thus, from my side, it requires a lot of skillful experience, as well as true desire and passion to really get to the bottom of it in order to recover that voice (i.e., shut-down and wounded spirit).

I always say that I love what I do and I do what I love.

And in order to work with those damaged voices, and not only vocally injured individuals, you really have to have a true passion to deliver the actual result.

Nevertheless, our students, (patients), coming to us from all walks of life.

They possess different cultures, different colours, different heights and weights. What they have in common is that they are all human beings with sound (and sometimes, not too sound) minds, with the emotions which some of them “wear on their sleeves”, but some have their emotions completely suppressed.

To work with the latter, it is much more difficult, as these individuals are obviously not very open and also very afraid to reveal how hey really feel. Moreover, they withhold very important information, which could be crucial with respect to their healing process.

When I finally break through those individuals, I see a lot of interesting reactions: like, for example, uncontrollable tears or uncontrollable laughter. Yet again I have to be very sensitive and very gentle towards their feelings in order to use their natural human reactions towards their benefit.

Once I am able to “get hold of them” I am able to turn their lives around and practically “resurrect them” back to their normal lives and their normal (and even more so improved), voices. 

To deal with the above, you really have to love it and feel positive and passionate about it, which I DO… on an everyday basis.

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