If You Suffer From These Symptoms Listed Below... You May Have MTD or SD Voice Disorder!

If You Suffer From These Symptoms Listed Below... 

You May Have MTD or SD Voice Disorder!


-Drowned your voice Deeply in your Lower Throat Position…?
- Experience Hoarseness and Raspiness…?
- Have Difficulty to Swallow…?
- Have Difficulty Breathing…?
- Feel Pain in the Throat and/or Neck…?
- Does your throat feel Dry at All Times…?
- Acid Reflux perhaps…?
- No doubt, excessive Mucus…?

….Find out how we can help you - Naturally / Holistically / Alternatively…

For many years we have been receiving people with the above-listed symptoms.
Practically all of them came to us with a diagnosis of either Muscle Tension Dysphonia (MTD) or Spasmodic Dysphonia (SD).

The majority of those people have been mainly concerned with their speaking voice, however, there were also singers who were not necessarily diagnosed with MTD or SD, but who had a dry throat, excess of mucus, and/or gastric acid and thus they also possessed a raspy and hoarse voice to say the least.

Those symptoms were very much so infringing on singers’ vocal tone, pitch, and range. Therefore, until those symptoms would get eliminated, the singers’ careers would be always in jeopardy.

The question is how can we eliminate those nasty symptoms which, no doubt, could be very detrimental to the ultimate quality of singing performance?

Let’s examine what went wrong with a once healthy and vibrant speaking and/or singing voice of those sufferers…?

Let’s look at speakers first and then look at singers next;
The people who come to us with speech problems are usually older (in their 50’s, 60’s, or 70’s).
However, lately, we have begun to receive much younger people with both MTD and SD. 
We are still not sure why it is now affecting younger people (even teenagers).

With both diagnoses and, especially with SD, practically all of those sufferers had experienced (at one point or another) some kind of trauma - usually psychological and sometimes even physical.

Before, those MTD or SD diagnoses mainly occurred to women with speaking voice problems, who primarily were between the ages of 45 to 70 years old.
No doubt, some men have been affected also, but not (statistically speaking) as many as women of the same age group.

However, concerning singers, it is exactly the opposite…

I used to teach, coach and produce a lot of young male rock singers, especially in the 80s, 90s and up until the mid-2000s.
Those young rockers (at those years) were coming to me healthy and fit.
However, some of them did not last too long in the rock genre.

Using the wrong or mostly non-existent vocal technique (proper speaking and singing voice application) they were using, misusing, and abusing their voice exponentially - sometimes even to the point where they could not sing a note and also, most of the time, could not even speak with ease.

So, at this juncture, I had to take care of both - the speaking and the singing voice.

It is a known saying:

“You cannot run before you walk.”

Interestingly enough, to work with singers on voice/vocal matters is much easier than to work with people concerning only their speaking voice.

Firstly, the singers are usually younger and they have good musical ears and, moreover, most singers would intuitively know/feel that something is beginning to change (and usually not for the better). Furthermore, they feel that something continuously is going in the wrong direction concerning the quality of their singing voice.

As for people with speaking voice problems, it usually comes unexpectedly (like a kick in the head from out of the blue).

Therefore, the impact for that kind of people is much harder, greater and, no doubt, more traumatic.

The good news though is that the application for the speaking and singing voice is very much so the same.

Interestingly enough, when I fix one’s speaking voice, they ask if they could take singing lessons or at least singing workshops.

Go figure!!

This is a recent example; Rosemary V of Aurora, Ontario Canada came originally for the “Total Communicator” Voice Repair Course.

Her voice at the beginning was very faint, weak, unclear with enunciation and pronunciation, as it was (due to emotional trauma) drawn in the lower throat position.

She was going through the separation in her marriage, and her excessive emotions (affected her thyroid), which, in holistic teaching, as a consequence, represents suppressed emotions and lingering hurt.

In this instance, going through emotional trauma, greatly affected the quality of her voice.

So, we did 40 hours of non-surgical voice repair.

After that, following the completion of that course, there was a singing interactive workshop to take place. Rosemary was very curious to see what it was all about and she enrolled in it.

Out of 6 participants, she was the only one who never had sung a note in her life. Since no one was there who had also never sung before, she had no choice, but to try singing to keep up with the group.

To our surprise, when it came to her turn, she sang in tune, clear and loud!!

Nobody could believe that she had never sung in her life.

Amongst others, there were two participants in the group (a manager and his artist from Washington DC, USA).

They exclaimed; “Rosemary, you over sang all of us!”

The whole group was fascinated and was very supportive of Rosemary while also being totally amused and, moreover, ecstatic!!

The above is only one example of many…

How do we get to those astonishing results...?

Let me tell you, with great difficulty and very hard, but smart work.
Firstly, since the approach is holistic and not only to the voice mechanics, it is also most definitely to the person as a whole.

After assessing the person’s emotional and physical state, along with the instruction, I begin the natural herbal and some homeopathic treatment to assure the health, vibrance and, nevertheless, the balance of their vocal anatomy, not to mention, the general balance of themselves. 

However, the above is definitely good but, evidently, not good enough…

At this point, we also have to deal with the balance of our client’s mental and physical state, where the full achievement only comes in complete coordination and conjunction between all of the main components (Mental, physical, emotional, and, yes, vocal!).

Throughout this process, we have to also get rid of all of their (sometimes negatively) adapted habits during their lifetime.

For example; People, nowadays, for some reason are standing and walking with their pelvis forward and upper backs backwards…?

The sound (in this instance created by the voice) is considered to be a physical material body and thus it travels as such - in a circular direction - relatively, respectively and perspectively to one’s height and width of the body.

The proper sound otherwise, will not come out from the right channels and thus, in turn, may hurt the vocal anatomy; not to mention, the sound of the voice, most likely, will never reach its aimed destination.

To conclude:

We are talking about the health of the vocal anatomy (herbal and some homeopathic remedies application) and the mechanical side of things…

The latter is about an “installation” of a proper voice/vocal technique, which consists of proper support of the sound (utilizing lower abdominal muscles and the upper diaphragm muscles), the structure of the sound being lifted into the facial muscles (vocal chambers), the placement of the sound into the sinus cavities, and finally the projection of the sound in its aimed destination.

With the above in mind, given that we have been living in very trying and challenging times, and therefore, for some time, could not attend to voice disorder sufferers in-person, we in the interim could and still can help our international clients to alleviate their nasty symptoms described above, by sending a Natural Herbal Voice Repair Kit their way!

Nathan C, a retiree of the USA military (Oklahoma USA), is one of our recent herbal voice repair kit recipients just sent us a quick text:

“Hey Diana, I’m doing well, and I’m enjoying the herbs very much.
Thank you!”

Those remedies will help you:

- Oxygenate and disinfect your vocal anatomy
- Get rid of excess mucus and excess gastric acid from your vocal anatomy and your body overall
- Boost your immune system and get more comfort (vocally speaking) and, nevertheless, significantly improve your health
- Also, we would like to point out that few of those herbal remedies strongly serve as natural antibiotics

Needless to say, upon receiving the Natural Herbal Voice Repair Kit, we would provide all the descriptions of each and every remedy and specific instructions on how to take those remedies in order to achieve the optimum results.

We will also, upon request, schedule a FREE phone call or WhatsApp consultation (30 to 45 min duration) in order to make an assessment and evaluation of each individual's voice, as well as to determine the circumstances under which the vocal disorder/injury had occurred!

In addition to the above, upon request, we will provide a complimentary copy of our eBook titled "Vocal Science - Flight to the Universe".

If interested in receiving one of our herbal voice repair kits, contact us via phone or by email:

416-857-8741 | info@vocalscience.com


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