Throat Cancer Case Study; Medical Treatments Left The Patient With Hardly Any Voice!

This case is about Michael F from the United Kingdom:
He suffered from paralyzed vocal cords due to throat cancer.

Michael was diagnosed with throat cancer and, due to that, he had undergone numerous sessions of chemotherapy and well as radiation treatments. In the end, he ended up with one vocal cord fully paralyzed and the other one completely damaged (fully non-functional). His speaking voice was totally unclear and had a very high soprano tone.

Obviously, the condition of his vocal cords was beyond repair; however, by employing the Vocal Science™ technique, his voice got rechannelled to a different set of muscles (facial cavities) which allowed him to speak much louder and much clearer.

His voice also acquired some bass on the bottom, which was supporting the actual lift off of his vocal box and off of his vocal cords. Clearly, there was a huge improvement, as Michael was taught to employ his facial muscles (natural amplifier/resonator) in conjunction and coordination with his abdominal muscles.
A couple of months later, he emailed us and told us that he went for a checkup to his ENT doctor as well as his speech therapist; and that, on a video screen, he had seen that his paralyzed vocal cord was actually moving...!

You may wonder, my reader, if Michael came to his full recovery...?

Positively not, but he was much better understood, his voice did not sound like a high soprano anymore, and thus, his confidence soared to the sky and "to the Moon".

The wholesome mechanism, which was instilled in him, began to work in its fullest capacity possible, also allowing his breathing to be more intact, along with the support of the abdominal muscles. Michael's voice was now structured and fully placed in his facial cavities, and thus he was able to project his voice to its aimed destination, while concurrently giving his vocal anatomy the needed rest while also removing the harmful pressure from his vocal box in general.

So, as you can already presume, not every voice repair case can be fully cured. But be assured that I would employ my absolute best efforts, extensive experience and expertise to bring one's damaged voice to its absolute maximum functional capacity.


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