Have you been saved from a vocal operation and have you gotten rid of your vocal cord nodule(s) non-surgically…? It’s Got To Be Vocal Science!

Case Study #2 - Todd, ORLANDO, Perusini

Todd ORLANDO Perusini came through our doors on February the 4th of 2008.

At the time, he was residing in Mexico (he was originally from Okanagan Valley, B.C.). He had a one-millimetre nodule on his right vocal cord. He was very disturbed by it, as his speaking voice (raspy and hoarse at the time) was affecting his very prominent real-estate career. But also, Todd’s biggest pleasure in life was to compose songs (primarily in Jazz style) and record his voice singing. Nonetheless, that too was greatly compromised.

Todd was suggested to undergo an immediate vocal operation. He, though, was super cautious and thus decided to try a non-surgical approach. Todd contacted us and, nevertheless, had given us quite a hard time with regards to convincing him that we could help him to get rid of his nodule non-surgically. Still being very cautious, he booked a non-surgical voice repair course and treatment for the minimum duration of only 10 hours.

I said to myself: “We’ll see about that…”. (Today’s minimum protocol for the described-above diagnosis is 30 hours of instruction and natural herbal and some homeopathic treatment). So after numerous phone discussions, I decided to give in and grant him his wish. He, in fact, called himself Orlando (rather than Todd) and when I inquired whether or not it was his real name, he said that it was, because “his mother was very creative”; and thus named him with this quite-original name…

I was out of town on February the 3rd (celebrating my birthday) and I got a call from a person named Todd. I have to say that I got a little puzzled, as I never expected anybody by the name Todd; I was expecting someone by the name Orlando… The call came from a downtown hotel in Toronto; and on my message machine, I was prompted to call a certain number which belonged to a certain room in that hotel. Needless to say, it was Orlando, whose real name happened to be Todd. ( As I mentioned before, I had no idea about that.)

Now, when the confusion was clarified, the next challenge came my way… Toronto and its suburbs, at that time, was swept by a violent snow storm. All the highways were closed overnight and there was no way for me to get back to Toronto for the commencement of his morning session the next day. Since Orlando/Todd did not “guess” to take his cell phone with him, our communication had to continue through his hotel room. I found that, by itself, it was quite odd (to put it politely.)

Anyways, the next day (a little later on in the day), our journey had begun… At that time, I mentioned to Todd that I was associating with a renowned-in-Russia ENT doctor. Here in Canada, that doctor was practicing more-so homeopathic treatments than anything else. At that time, I used my association with him for some more complicated cases than others, or (LOL) for more-so “paranoid” patients… So I decided to take Todd to see the doctor after only 6 hours (middle of the second day) of instruction and treatment with me.

I personally drove him and then sat in with him at the doctor’s office. When the doctor examined Todd, he said: “Oh… Your nodule is only half a millimetre and certainly does not require any surgery…” Todd was very pleasantly surprised and could not be happier, as he now was reassured, more than ever before, that he was on the right path with me.

When we came back for the second session within the same day, he revealed to me that he wanted to stay for 10 additional hours of my instruction and treatment. I said “sure”; and our voice repair journey continued. Primarily, those (now 20 hours in total ) were dedicated more-so to his speaking voice than his singing voice. To his credit, he was extremely dedicated to embracing the most knowledge out of my very intense and detailed instruction and treatment.

He later met my other associates and “drove them crazy” - to put it mildly… I advised Todd to practice his speaking voice in syllables (one of the regular routines in my practice). He took it quite literally; and from that point on, he spoke in syllables - and in syllables only - with whomever and wherever… LOL Todd, in my opinion, definitely had no inhibitions…

As odd as it was, it actually served him quite well. In May of 2008, I was travelling to the Middle East with a stopover in Amsterdam. While there, my little Fido Blackberry phone rang at 3:00 a.m. (local time). I opened one of my eyes and said, “ Royans School. May I help you?” To my surprise, I heard a clear male voice which I did not recognize… Needless to say, it was Todd’s.

I said: ”Wow! I can not believe how great you sound!” He said: “Yes, Diana. I was doing everything you told me to do and practiced a lot speaking in syllables…” Go figure! I asked him how was his singing voice? He said that it was not as good as speech, but he was working on it.

I have to mention that the mechanical application of the speaking and singing voice is exactly the same. On this note, I have to say that I did not doubt that Todd/Orlando (given his persistence) will be able to conquer that problem too.

So thereafter, I had not heard anything from him for the last 9 years. In November of 2017, I suddenly (while driving my car - ironically to a Nissan dealership to trade in my Volkswagen Eos for the Nissan Juke), got a phone call.

Who do you think that was…? It is easy to guess now…

It was Todd Orlando himself - thanking me to the ninth - with a perfectly good, clear and silky voice. He also revealed to me that he has been singing (practically full time with two bands) and also recorded CD with original songs composed by him. He also told me that he was going to write me a letter (you will see it below), and would forward to me his CD.

He also advised me that he wants me to publish his hand-written letter anywhere I would desire so that future generations would see it and would know that help is on its way. :)

Please stay tuned to hear the songs Todd/Orlando forwarded to us!

It will soon be available on our social media platforms!

Now…. Please read his very inspirational, and full of gratitude, letter below.

Thank you for reading.


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