Vocal Science: Inspirational Coaching - Are You Willing to Spread Your Wings? Unleash Your Voice, Unleash Your Spirit!

I have to say that, in the past, the above sentences were not even up for discussion.

Everybody (or almost everybody) were more then willing to “spread their wings, in a manner of speaking; and thus, unleash their voices and their spirits. Of course, to unleash the voice/spirit is easier said then done…

It is especially difficult if the person already has some kind of a voice disorder or even just voice/vocal issues. Obviously, some cases are more difficult then others (with or without voice problems), but some are nearly impossible to deal with; and it’s not the voice issues I am talking about.

I am talking about people who are nearly IMPOSSIBLE TO DEAL WITH!!

How so, you may ask..?

The fact is, that especially lately, a lot of people (being stranded financially and thus, emotionally) had lost their trust in anything and everything. They, in a manner of speaking, became Soul-dead!

How sad is that?

Given the political situation in the U.S. and in Europe, people nowadays are sitting scared and afraid, while, concurrently, also becoming more and more skeptical and cynical. They are bombarded by the digital world with some right and (more so) wrong information. And now they don’t know who to believe. But mainly, they do not believe themselves. By being unable to open-up their hearts and souls, they became defeated from the human skills and thus, they are not able to differentiate the right from wrong and the “right from left”, so to speak.

In the past, I worked with a lot of musicians (wannabes and professionals). Those two categories had something beautiful in common. They both WANTED to achieve their goals, to better themselves, to respect themselves and respect their audience by giving them the best of themselves.

Nowadays, by my observations,  nobody is willing to “give an inch”.

Their hearts and souls are totally closed in; and thus, they cannot write any meaningful music, as they do not have anything to write about. They have virtual girlfriends and boyfriends and have no idea how to sustain real relationships. Due to the excessive use of the internet, our youngsters are literally in danger of becoming “social invalids”. How would they know how to fall in love? Would they ever experience a love-heartache or (on the contrary) blossoming feelings in their souls?

I, unfortunately, highly doubt it.

It is disheartening, indeed!

In the past, people knew how to take instructions (vocal and spiritual); they also were paying high respect to their mentors, they were possessing loyalty and needed (in order to learn something) discipline, compliance and obedience. They were willing to be “submissive” to new knowledge, and therefore were prepared and willing to work hard to succeed in their craft! They were NOT afraid to “spread their wings” whereas, without such action, no voice would be able to “Fly To The Universe”

Many times I have said that the voice is your spirit.

And when the singer (beginner or professional) is trying to sing, his spirit becomes lifted and uplifted; and with such action, his voice is soaring freely to the place where the “sky is the limit”!

I, personally, am missing those wonderful times when I had beautiful hearts and souls in my “so to speak” possession; those who I could mold and chisel, like an architect who gets excited when he has good material to make a perfect figurine and also has good material to explore his knowledge, experience and expertise.

In this case, the “vocal architect” is now (unfortunately) lacking willingness for those students to open up and follow the architect’s design.

I do hope for the better times yet to come, when the people will finally “wake up and smell the coffee”, so to speak; and thus, will start showing some “vital signs” which will confirm their real existence and true presence.

Unfortunately, sometimes I think that truly-dead people exuberate more vital signs then some of my potential clients (and sadly enough, even my present clients), which, in this case, had never happened for almost four decades that I had been teaching, consulting, mentoring and fixing voices… hearts and souls.


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