How Healthcare for The Voice Contributes to ones’ Balance and Health in General?

Vocal Science™ Technique advocates not only healthcare for the voice, but also for the human being as a whole.

In order to structure, place and project the voice to its aimed destination, the alignment between the subconscious and conscious mind has to take place. In a nutshell, Vocal Science™ method is about the integration and synergy between mental, physical, physiological, emotional and vocal components.

When the subconscious and conscious mind are aligned, the person is more inclined to think and to act upon thinking. Unfortunately, (especially lately and due to enormous stress), people often act irrationally and without thinking first. Some, instead, are thinking forever and never act upon their thoughts.

Both statements suggest the complete imbalance of the above aforementioned components. That said, addressing the above aforementioned components could have a positive effect on the person while their voice is being fixed and/or trained. Those people who suffer from upper or lower respiratory infections and/or asthma could also benefit from proper voice training via the Vocal Science™ method.

The female population of the world could definitely benefit from intensive work with facial muscles, which (no doubts) provide the toning of such muscles and significantly reduce facial wrinkles.

While working with the abdominal muscles (for the support of the height and body of the sound), the stomach muscles become much stronger and the tummy is constantly “tucked-in”; which (by itself) makes the person look and feel trimmer, slimmer and more beautiful.

Once the person feels and experiences all of those benefits, he/she (by osmosis) would want to execute a healthy diet; stop bad habits (like smoking, drinking, drugs), and rather, instead, engage in physical fitness, lose or gain weight (whichever needed) and overall, become a more healthy and fit human being...

The conventional vocal coaching, however, suggests to stick the stomach out and fill it with air for, so to speak, “better breathing”; and thus, look and sound like a “pregnant ballerina”, nevertheless.

If you refer to my book (Vocal Science – Flight to the Universe), you would find a chapter, which describes such an ordeal.

It also falls into a key chapter which is called “How Not to Become a Singer and Work Harder at Doing it”. Now you can draw the conclusion from there…

In the past, I personally got across the new student who’s demeanor appeared to be skinny, but her “quite ballooned” stomach suggested that she might have been pregnant for at least 5 to 6 months. When I inquired about it, she was very surprised and revealed to me that she wasn’t even sexually active!

Go figure!

She also revealed to me that she had been taking conventional singing lessons for the last 10 years, and was suggested by her coach to “stick her stomach out while singing, at all given times”. So her abdominal muscles were warn out and became weak; and thus, she indeed resembled a woman who would be in her second trimester.

To conclude:
The Russian proverb is such:
“In a healthy body, there is a healthy spirit”.
Since I always advocate that the voice is your spirit and is also a reflection of the state of your being, (not to mention an identification of who you are), then (without a doubt) the healthy voice should be in perfect “Marriage” with a healthy and sound body.


  1. I'm a male and have been a singer for over 30 years and have suffered from vocal closure problems. My falsetto is just as strong as it was 20 years ago, but my full voice has lost range and cracks and breaks. It takes me longer and longer every year to warm up my voice to get rid of cracks and breaks. Becoming a vegetarian has helped a little, but not enough. What do you think the problem is.

    1. Hello there,

      Thank you for your post.
      We are more then certain that we can help you a great deal with all of your voice/vocal issues.

      However, to do so, we will have to attend to you in person, as our approach to voice mechanics also includes the approach to the person as a whole.

      We are quite sure that the voice/vocal issues that you are experiencing are mostly caused by faulty vocal mechanics.
      To fix something like that and to restore your voice to work in the fullest capacity possible and with no pain or strain in your vocal anatomy, we would only need 30 hours of personalized instruction, during which the natural herbs and remedies (to assure the recovery of the disturbed flora of your throat) will concurrently be administered.

      To read more, please visit our websites: |
      Please also check out our “post course letters” section within our Vocal Science website:

      Also, please check out our “Healthy Voice/Vocal Workshop Summit Section” here:

      If you are situated anywhere near Toronto, Canada, you can still attend one of our voice/vocal workshops. Please check the schedule (within the workshops page) and availability.

      Please also feel free to give us a call directly at 416-857-8741 or email us at

      Best regards,

      Jamie Mckay
      Office Manager
      The Royans Professional Vocal School.
      Division of the Royans institute for Non-Surgical Voice Repair
      077 88 989 319 while in the UK

      On behalf of -

      Diana Yampolsky B.M. Ed.
      World renowned Voice Repair Specialist
      Specializing in Extreme Voice Disorder Cases.
      Alternative and holistic approach to voice mechanics.
      The Royans Professional Vocal School
      Division of The Royans Institute for Non-Surgical Voice Repair
      077 88 98 9319 while in the UK


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