Non-Surgical Voice Repair. How Do We Work? What is our recipe for success?

Our recipe for success is the quality of our unique vocal instruction and natural herbal & homeopathic treatments for any of your voice issues.

Our advanced voice healing program is designed to eliminate pain & assure the full restoration of the voice. Vocal Science™ program has not been designed for the digital age and thus, it has to be delivered in an up-close & personal manner.

We have been serving the Greater Toronto area, and the world, for nearly 32 years.

With respect to all of our clients, & especially for our non-surgical voice repair clients, we go Above and Beyond. 

That said it should be clear that something that important, like the well-being of your voice, cannot be attended to, or fixed, remotely. 

Those who do understand will travel to us to obtain our own revolutionary Vocal Science technique, coupled with the specially selected herbal and homeopathic remedies which are specifically designed to treat the particular voice problem.

Our approach is very individual and very personal. 

We provide our clients, (when needed), with transportation to and from our studio/clinic location, and even provide our clients with lunch, unless they do have special needs and preference in food choices like: 

·        Vegetarian
·        Vegan
·        Kosher 

Our voice repair herbal kits (basic, essential, advanced) are included in our voice repair course packages. We give suggestions for accommodations to assure that our clients will reside in a comfortable and safe environment.
We also provide special discounts to our senior clients’ age 65 and better. 
If you are a senior, please inquire about the above.

And lastly, if you are thinking about embarking on our services, WE WOULD LIKE to HEAR YOUR VOICE before committing ourselves to provide you with our invaluable services.

Our business is all about voice.

However, our future voice repair clients, in a majority of cases, prefer to communicate with us via e-mail…?

We cannot commit ourselves to attend to any voice problem unless we hear the future client’s voice over the phone, and moreover, assess the future client’s attitude and aptitude. The Toronto Star (Major Canadian Newspaper) after assessing our services and writing about them, once said: “It is definitely not for the faint of heart”. 

So, to conclude: To help you better with any of your voice issues, we need to be sure that you have a positive attitude, sufficient aptitude, and the understanding that your vocal disorder, if not fully curable, can be at least treatable. For greater clarity, please pick up the phone and we will be more than happy to shed more light on the above. 


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