Non-Surgical Voice Repair... Technically Speaking: Applying "Forensic" Science Towards Voice/Vocal Performance

Recently, we began hearing more and more about individuals' various voice issues and vocal problems...

Some people have been suffering for years with the loss of their regular voice, speaking and/or singing. The majority of those people, in the past, had already visited all kinds of doctors and ENT specialists and thus, had gotten diagnosed with all kinds of health problems related or, most of the time, not related to their vocal performance. Moreover, the loss of their original speaking and/or singing voice often had been associated with all kinds of factors pertaining to the person’s internal health...?
However, some of the internal health problems, in fact, may be related to the change in the quality of one's voice.  

For example: If the person maintains some unhealthy diet i.e. consumes a lot of dairy or spicy products for that matter, that person most likely will possess a lot of mucus everywhere in the body, nevertheless, vocal anatomy included. If the person eats a lot of acidic products like tomatoes, oranges, red meats and etc., no doubt, this person most likely will suffer from acid reflux.

With that said, if, for example, singers have a problem with their tone, range and/or projection of their voice, that might indicate that, at some point in time, their voice got drawn to the lower throat position. In this case, it may become prone to encounter gastric acid which, in turn, will literally begin to burn the vocal cords. Needless to say, adequate inner health combined with inner and outer fitness, would definitely help with whichever vocal problems and/or voice issues the person may experience.

The cleaner and more fit the physical body is, the stronger and more vibrant the persons’ mind will also be.

The Vocal Science™ Method requires the "lift" of the voice to the set of the facial muscles/cavities in order to release the pressure of the sound from the vocal box and the vocal cords, per se. For example; If you visualize a ballerina trying to jump taking off of a thick carpet, you can imagine that not only that she, most likely, will injure her ankle or knee, but also would never acquire a needed height to complete the pas de deux.

With that said, if the vocal cords are covered with mucus and the bottom of the throat is full of gastric acid, to "lift" the sound off of “that ground” could become quite difficult. To achieve the latter, I have been using natural herbs and remedies to help my clients/students to clean up the surface of their vocal box in order to be able to achieve that actual "lift" of the sound of the voice, while concurrently using the support of the upper and lower abdominal muscles. Thus, the flora of one's throat becomes much cleaner and healthier. On this premise, the healing of the vocal anatomy begins! 

In the interim, the doctors usually “bombard” their clients with a whole bunch of scary-sounding definitions and diagnoses. The clients often tell me that they had no idea how to read (let alone understand) their medical transcripts/reports. It is, most of the time, extremely exaggerated and, to tell you the truth, for the longest time, I could hardly understand it myself, not to mention, being able to understand why those so-called professionals were actually doing it...?

One of my new client's reports suggested that he had preoperative and postoperative care. In reality, the person never had undergone any vocal surgery whatsoever. 

In the not so very distant past, I had a person who worked as a medical assistant and she advised me that every move the doctor makes has a special code.

For example: If the doctor checks your blood pressure, he charges the insurance (here in Canada) about $200.00 or so. I am sure that the ENT specialists are also charging galore for all of their checkups, scopes, etc!
So my assumption is that the more the doctor writes, the more he is able to charge either the insurance or the person individually.

However, please take into consideration, that the above is just my personal subjective opinion. 

Sometimes, in fact, “they are right on the money” and they produce the right diagnosis, but they still do not offer, or even suggest, any meaningful help to the sufferer. In the majority of cases, the problem is mechanical, and its also very often coupled with the physical and emotional state of the individual.

So my duty is to dissect the problem into pieces and work on each piece first individually and then collectively. 

To conclude: That is what I call (using my extensive experience and expertise) forensic analysis of (developed by me) Vocal Science™ Method. In fact, its revolutionary voice/vocal technique is totally applicable to any voice issues/various voice disorders and, nevertheless, any vocal problems!


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