Non-Surgical Voice Repair: What Is There To Expect? It certainly is not for the faint of heart, so to speak …

Through my extensive practice I have been treating  a lot of singers (professional or not) and just regular people with speech problems

Some of them are quite easy to deal with, while with the others it is extremely hard, to put it mildly. 

In general, both described above categories are quite troubled. 

Some of those people, unfortunately, have been suffering for a decade or two, if not even more. 

Some of them almost lost hope for their vocal recovery, while the others never gave up and continued their search. 

Finally, the person arrives to my studio. 

They are trying to look and act brave until we start the process, which is in its nature very tedious, very intense vowel-on-vowel, syllable-on-syllable, word-on-word instruction with simultaneous herbal remedies intake. 

It is indeed not for the faint of heart and also definitely not for the person with below average I.Q. 

It requires an intellectual understanding, in depth; it also requires the motor skills to be present, as the intellectual understanding works hand-in-hand with motor skills to recover the voice and bring it out on the surface. 

I always said it before:  “It is an integration and synergy between the mental, physical, emotional and vocal state.” 

That’s what “in my books” defines the holistic approach to voice mechanics

Needless to say that all of my voice repair clients are holding on to their emotions which they are desperately trying to keep inside. 

When I deeply engage into them, so to speak, all of their frustration, anger, anguish and what-not is almost uncontrollably pouring out of them. 

Interestingly enough, it is more pronounced with the regular people (not singers) who are experiencing speech disorder. 

Moreover, when I begin to open up what was stored inside for so long, I often uncover more vocal and other issues than originally was determined. 

This is completely normal when I, for example, treat sulcus vocalis, I suddenly uncover that the person also has muscle tension dysphonia, and what have you. 

Just like during surgery, often some more deep and dangerous problems cannot be seen on x-ray or ultra-sound, and then during the surgery, the surgeon discovers something else which was not even anticipated. 

So the voice repair client has to be prepared to face the unexpected and take it with a “grain of salt”. 

Sometimes, I compare it with a complicated baby delivery, those which are conducted with the forceps, especially when the fetus is wrong positioned in the womb. 

In most of the cases of the described above, the baby is still delivered healthy. Thank God!

The complications, however, could be very unpleasant and painful for the mother in question. 

I hate to say it, but in the case of non-surgical voice repair, some discomfort and some unexpected surprises could also occur. 

In other words, the voice repair process is definitely not always a “picnic”. 

If you feel that mentally, physically and emotionally you are ready for such an endeavour, you are very welcome to contact me and get more in depth details. 

Until then, I wish you all a speedy vocal recovery with whichever means you will find most suitable for you.


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