Your Voice will be sounding so good… You will shine! Natural, herbal and homeopathic remedies will play a significant role for your voice/vocal recovery.

Lately, more and more people have been inquiring about their voice/vocal problems.

It could be connected with enormous stress imposed on them due to the recession times, fear of losing their jobs, lack of financial stability and/or simply not taking care of their voices and themselves in general, or not knowing a simple voice/vocal technique which would empower their voice to the max, but would not promote the damage.

Be it people who have speech difficulties or singers with vocal problems, they all have something in common. Both categories of people are looking for some “magic pill” which upon consumption will supposedly solve all of their voice problems. 

We all wish it would be so. However, it is not as easy as it sounds. To repair the voice, be it speaking or singing, will take a lot more than just a “magic pill”, so to speak.
However, some of the herbal remedies are so good and work so well on strengthening the vocal box and the vocal cords themselves, lubricating the flora of the throat, getting rid of the impurities; such as mucus for example, and so on.

Those herbal remedies will nurture the “voice instrument” and indeed will make it “shine”, (of course, it is understood that it could not apply for all voice damage cases).
Will that be enough though?

In some cases, it could be, but in the majority of the voice disorders, it will not be enough. The victim of the voice damage would also need to undergo a special instruction to learn how to use the voice (speaking and singing) in such a way that it would work in the maximum capacity, but with no pain or strain on the vocal anatomy.

Without it, natural remedies or not, the voice problem will be recurring, as the actual cause, in this instance, would not be addressed. The herbal and homeopathic remedies for that matter will work best when they are coupled with the proper voice/vocal instruction. The Vocal Science Method suggests to restructure the voice in the set of the facial muscles and thus to give a rest to the vocal box, releasing it from the pressure of the sound.

Then, in a manner of speaking, the vocal rest will be granted and the space in the vocal box will be provided to accommodate the natural treatment. This way, the “instrument” and the “player” will be totally taken care of and thus a complete voice/vocal recovery will be achieved.


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