You Got a Voice problem… Should you give up altogether and learn how to "live" with it, or should you continue to look for that Desirable Treatment/Cure?

Naturally, since I am in the voice repair business, I have been getting a lot of calls and e-mails from people with various voice problems and voice disorders.

Some of them had those problems for the longest time (in some cases even for 30 years and longer)!
Nevertheless, the long-time sufferers were pretty much adjusted to their adapted lifestyles, as they thought that they tried pretty much everything, but nothing worked for them.
So, on that premise, they were trying to learn how to "live with it"...?

Can you blame them?

In a real sense... YES and NO.

No, because they have suffered enough and were unable to find the desired solution.
Yes, because they probably did not try hard enough and, nonetheless, did not try smart enough.
At least that category of people whose voice problems/disorders were actually treatable and even, partially curable.

The category of people described above, probably - and most likely, gave up too fast and too soon.

Not too long ago, a woman from the United States with a diagnosis of vocal cord paralysis inquired about our Non-Surgical/Alternative Voice Repair services. She has been offered a vocal operation consisting of the installation of some kind of synthetic device, which in my experience, would not do anything, except get her vocal cord paralyzed, and most likely, for good.
The above described could easily become beyond any repair...

Obviously (thinking smart rather than hard), she did not want to take that route and was looking for a natural and alternative solution. 
Needless to say, for the past 2 years, she, with her pretty severe diagnosis, had been everywhere and anywhere...
She had tried all kinds of conventional speech therapy and whatnot, but evidently, nothing was giving her a satisfactory enough outcome which would actually and tangibly help her voice issues. 
Due to her, in a manner of speaking, vocal disability, she, consequently, lost her business, which required her to speak with the customers in order to promote her product sales. 

Unfortunately, due to the above occurrences, she was forced to declare bankruptcy, and thus, ended up in the loss of her financial status. In order to come to Canada, she needed to pay for our services and for the trip expenses. Her family, with the exception of one of her daughters, was entirely against it and wanted her to give up on claiming her life back, so to speak...
They were encouraging her to learn to "live" with her vocal disorder instead.

To this woman’s credit, being of strong European descent, she found a way to our enterprise in order to be able to realize her dream while concurrently, obtaining some non-invasive treatment, which, nevertheless, was leading her to a potential cure of her voice problem and, most importantly, in the foreseeable future.

Nevertheless and by the common opinion, vocal paresis is a very serious and nasty voice disorder.
If it only affected one vocal cord, you could compare it with the person who became a paraplegic and ended up being bound to a wheelchair.
If it has affected both vocal cords, you can compare it to a person who had gotten paralyzed from the neck down (quadriplegic). 

For the latter, there is definitely no feasible cure that exists. 

For the former, there is no cure per se either, but there can be a huge improvement with the implementation of the very unique Vocal Science technique (Vocal Science Method).
The application of the latter will allow not only to work on the actual paralyzed vocal cord to make it flex to whichever degree possible, but also will allow the sound of the voice, in a manner of speaking, to go around the paralyzed vocal cord with the very much so needed help of the remaining healthy one.
Nevertheless, in this equation, the sound has to get restructured from the lower throat position to the facial muscles and then those fascial cavities would have to get coordinated with one's abdominal muscles, which in turn will minimize and practically eliminate the harmful pressure of the sound on the vocal anatomy as a whole.

Needless to say; The enunciation, pronunciation and clarity of the voice will be significantly improved.
All the impurities from the bottom of the vocal box, such as mucus, gastric acid and what-have-you, will be eliminated via the application of specifically selected natural herbal and some homeopathic remedies.
The pressure of the sound and especially on the healthy vocal cord (which, in this equation, has been compensating and overworking for both vocal cords), will be significantly relieved and at least (partially) practically eliminated.
Can the paralyzed vocal cord be cured completely? Possibly.
However, in a physical sense, it can not be fully guaranteed.  

Will the quality of the voice and its delivery be exponentially improved?
Yes, Absolutely.

Needless to say, the person will gain back their communication skills and thus, they will not be so shy to speak and reach out, and, nevertheless - naturally, their lost confidence will be restored and the previously enjoyed quality of life will return. 
The person in question going through this rough patch will definitely become stronger mentally, and in spirit...
Not to mention physically healthier overall!
That kind of person deserves all of the respect for not giving up and for the bravery to persevere to do something about it.
Way to go!!!

I have to note that I myself have had quite a few health challenges, voice included. I, however, never stopped looking for a viable solution and did not give up until I found it. Just to make it clearer, my main, lifetime challenge, always has been some excess body weight.
Now, over 4 decades later residing in Canada, I finally found a doable solution to deal with it...

With that said, I "cannot be happier" while enjoying every pound I have lost to date.
In fact, with every 5 pounds I lose, 10 pounds of confidence I gain!

A similar phrase was said by our recent client Javier Lozano from Texas, USA. 
After he came back home after attending our 40-hour non-surgical voice repair course and treatment, he wrote to us saying, ""I am doing well. Happier than ever!"
He also said; "Thanks to Diana, I've been able to use my voice in a different way without straining or pain. My voice, while I’m using this method, is no longer strained or tired out. Diana is a “wizard” and she definitely gets the job done!" - Javier Lozano 


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