How the quality of life effects the quality of voice.

Needless to say that lately, especially since the recession kicked in, people became even more stressed out than before opposed to when they had good jobs, decent money to live on, and reasonable family lives. I always said that the voice is the spirit and it does reflect the state of the persons’ being.

When the persons’ livelihood is in jeopardy and his/her world falls to pieces, it is no wonder that their spirit will be very down and, respectively, their voice will start sounding much lower in tone, much more stressed, less announced and with much less clarity. In some cases, the voice gets so laid back that it begins to gradually fall onto the lower part of the throat; and thus begins to sound very dull and somewhat hoarse

Then the person might experience what’s called acid reflux, as the voice is drawn so low, that it evidently meets gastric acid. The person will experience the burning on the back of the vocal cords and sometimes even difficulty of breathing may occur. Needless to say, acid reflux causes a great discomfort in the persons’ life.

All the above described was simply caused by enormous stress, especially for those who have a pre-disposition to the upper and/or lower respiratory disorders, as well as for those with the weaker vocal anatomy, and thus, weaker voices, given to them either by nature or by inheritance. Their world could be easily shaken and so may their health. Their financially disturbed life, (work, marriage, family), causes them emotionally-induced health problems. 

I am lately getting more and more inquiries from people who are diagnosed or had already undergone thyroid surgeries. A lot of them lost their thyroids; some of them lost their voices due to paralyzed vocal cord/cords occurred during the operation, and some of them, unfortunately, even lost their lives. According to the holistic teachings, the thyroid represents suppressed emotions and hurts. As for example, the liver represents suppressed anger.

It is a very well-known fact when one of the spouses dies of cancer of the liver; their marriage may have been very rocky, sometimes throughout their whole lifetime, and their co-existence mostly consisted of everyday fights. So there was no doubt that one or both of them possessed a lot of anger; and, as a result, the weaker one had eventually died of a liver disease. Coming back to the thyroid issue, the throat gets tight and the voice gets stuck; and therefore, it is unable to pass through the thyroid to reach the surface. Understandably, the person starts pushing the voice out and reaches the opposite (in a manner of speaking) "boomerang effect". The voice becomes strained; and thus, it is unable to get "sufficiently projected outward" in order to be heard.

The effected person becomes more frustrated and now angry on a difficult life in general and their dysfunctional voice in particular. So there is a vicious circle where the quality of life directly affects the quality of mood, health and voice. However, please read below, uplift your spirit and recover your voice to be able to speak with ease, sing with adequate technique and recite with power…!

“We are the champions, my friends,
And we'll keep on fighting 'til the end.
We are the champions.
We are the champions.
No time for losers
'Cause we are the champions of the world”, 



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