If there is a total lack of emotions, what do these people have to sing about?

Lately, listening to the radio, we hear a lot of monotone sounds.

Nowadays, artists, seem to be, do not have an ambition to show off their voices, like before when they were trying to reach the highest notes possible, or even the lowest possible, for that matter.

It used to be their pride and joy to say that they own a three or four octaves range.

Today, the whole world is "stuttering"on one, or maximum two, notes in a non-indentifiable range, instead of what was known before as singing, at least by definition.

What happened, you may ask?

Honestly, I don't know for sure, but what I do know is that I have stopped listening to the radio, even in my brand new car, nevertheless, fully equipped with the sophisticated audio  equipment.

All the songs sound absolutely the same and almost plagiarized, via music producers who are trying to follow the trend.

They think that if the particular style of the song has once or twice made it on the charts, then they should immediately write something almost exactly the same and it will sell too...!

How pathetic is that?

Where is the creativity, where is the variety and where is the music, per say?

But enough of criticizing the music "movers and shakers" and the music producers.

What happened to the actual people in general and those potential artists yet to become?

That is the question, my reader.

My guess would be that the general recession and the music recession on a parallel track, brought the absolute worst out of the people.

Since the music reflects the human being's state of mind, soul and heart, we can pretty much define that the people in general now are very unhappy, very skeptical, very cynical and very suspicious in their nature.

I remind you that overall, I taught an estimated 19, 000 people from all walks of life and close to four generations, and this is the saddest period in my professional life as we speak.

Also, before I deal with people professionally speaking, I deal with them on a regular colloquial level when they're inquiring about my services.

The 99% of population who place a cold call to me is sounding very dark and awaiting to see "which shoe will drop off of which foot", to put it mildly.

Some of these people are inspiring musicians, composers and yes, either wannabes or already singers in whichever capacity.

With their dark and negative attitude and the complex of superiority in their inquiries, what kind of music do you think they're going to write, sing and produce?

My guess would be - very dark, very monotone, with no inflections, emphasis, dynamics, phrasing or any vocal and musical daring, for that matter.

Their spirits are nearly dead.

Their belief and trust in this world is shattered.

They're numb and thus, have nothing valuable to offer to this world - neither musically nor otherwise.

It's very sad, but true.

Is there a cure to this nonsensical life and thus, nonsensical music?

I don't profess to know, but I do hope for the best, however, unfortunately I'm forced to be prepared for the worst as well.

My faith, however, has prevailed and therefore...



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