Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Vocal Talent Made in Heaven... So is Thunder and Lightning...

"She is talented and has a great voice!" People are exclaiming.

Does it mean automatic success in the music industry at large? Sometimes it does. But sometimes, on the contrary, it means a lot of "thunder and lightning" during what appears to be a sudden discovery, recording, performance, fairly quick success... and all of a sudden - CRASH!!!

Loss of voice, loss of tour, loss of millions of dollars and shattered dreams!!!

Now what...?

Now is the time to realize that the good voice and the good talent is only a prerequisite, but the prerequisite is not enough to sustain a long and successful vocal career. 

What seems to be lacking? You may exclaim!

The answer to this is: 

- Simply the knowledge of the proper vocal technique, which would allow the health and length of one's vocal cords and vocal box.

- Simply the understanding that anything in life is relevant and related to the science of the matter. 

One client of mine who just arrived from L.A. for his vocal training to become a recording artist, was experiencing vocal problems while just being an actor, not even a singer. I asked him whether he found me on the internet and I asked him what exactly he was searching for.

His reply was, "I had problems speaking while acting and just colloquially and I figured that there should be some kind of a science to the voice and vocal cords repair. I searched 'science for repair of vocal cords" and you came up." 

Needless to say, the method which I created and have been advocating for nearly four decades is actually called Vocal Science(TM).

If you look back even six months to a year ago, you will witness that a lot of well known artists, from Adele now, to Duran Duran's singer recently, to Canadian Simple Plan's lead singer in the recent past and even Mick Jagger himself experienced voice loss and thus, distraction to their busy schedules of recording and performances.  Should them and their managers possess more intelligence and the knowledge for that matter, they would research the "science" of a successful "vocal mechanism", which triggers the voice to work in the fullest capacity possible with positively no pain or strain on the vocal anatomy whatsoever. 

That said, a lot of pain, a lot of bleeding vocal cords (like in the case of Adele now) and a lot of money, for Christ's sake, would be saved and a lot more listeners would be pleased to see their once loved music icons on stage again, vocalizing their very best and not looking so very scared and in distress while performing blindly without, so to speak, "instruments" to rely on. 

I'm sure everybody remembers the case of JFK Jr. who, as we found out after his plane crashed, actually did not know how to read the instruments...? Therefore, during the bad weather, he had a "blind" flight and could not rely on the instruments, as he had no knowledge in that instance. So one more time again, the crash was inevitable and in his case it was truly the thunder and lightning, which ended his and his two passengers young lives. 

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  1. I think there are two items that the current singer does not address properly: Breathing and Vowel Pitch. It is an air system. By that I mean, your car runs on gas, the singing voice runs on air. You would not go on a trip with a half tank of gas. There is vocal chord pitch, which is a mind thing and then there is a shape that you are going to put that air and vocal chord pitch thru. The two pitches must be in alinement. What do you think? Dr. Marc Alan Innes