Baby Boomers Age 60 and Over... What posses them to embark on the singing lessons?

For almost over twenty eight years of running my own vocal school, I've taught a lot of people of all ages, all races and all walks of life.

The older clan, sixty years of age and over, are definitely in a league of their own. Both older men and women of that class finally finding the time and desire to realize their dreams which apparently they carried  inside themselves for nearly fifty years. As I've learned over the years that a lot of them, while growing up in very poor families, outlined the goal for themselves to become rich and successful, and a lot of them were putting on the line anything and sacrificing everything; love, lust, desires of their hearts, fulfillment of their souls... and much much more.

While dreaming towards financial success they, in a manner of speaking, lost the sense of reality and with that the sense of who they actually are and what they actually really wanted out of their lives.
Apparently, now working in a very respectful firms and making a very fair living, more than anything they want to sing, to perform and to act. Along with enrolling to my classes, they concurrently enrolling into the acting classes and auditioning for the community theatres.

They finally decided to LIVE!

Some of them by now are over seventy and to their credit they came to conclusion: BETTER LATER THAN NEVER!!!

Way to go guys!

However, it is not as easy as it sounds.

Their emotions and  desires were extremely suppressed, and their spirit remained in a living coma over the number of years. Not to mention that it is not easy to teach so to speak "an old dog new tricks".

During the process of instruction and interactions they are extremeley emotional and quite impatient.

They want to turn the time back fifty years and grasp it fast and all at once.

They get upset and discouraged easily, until they understand that one thing you can not buy in this life - TIME!
But they are in fairness "getting better not older" and they do have more time on their hands than the younger population.

Therefore, it is extremely commendable that they do not want to end their life without the positive completion of it, via finally realizing their most intimate dreams- ARTISTIC DESIRES.


  1. I am a 73-year old woman who started taking voice lessons 2 years ago. Though i must admit to occasional bouts of impatience, I am actually much more patient than I would have been at 18. For me the process is itself a great joy. As my teacher said to me once, we have all the time in the world. That of course is not true for anyone, no matter how young, but it is a glorious way to live.


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