On a Personal Note from Diana Yampolsky - I CAN NOT, Seems to Be, Win This Competition, At Least Not Yet!

What do you mean by that, you may ask?

If you read at least half of written by me articles and/or blogs, you will understand that I'm not your conventional person, vocal coach or whatever other label you, my reader, or music industry people may put on me.

I've been in the music business since age 6 and yes, I'm going on my 55th year of existence. Yes, I've taught an estimated over 18,000 people, I realized a lot of people's dreams and in my younger years, I served sometimes up to 70 hours a week of teaching alone. The word "teaching" in my case cannot be translated in the conventional sense of meaning, because I don't "teach", I navigate and I engage deeply into the person at the same time to establish a connection between our beings (almost like an umbilical cord between the mother and the baby). Then and only then, I can transmit what I call the Vocal Science(TM) technique and method. I don't do useless scales, funny trills, and strange sounds, which remind of meowing and howling of cats and wolves to say the least. I take a scientific approach to voice mechanics and employ the laws of physics and geometry, as well as implement the integration and synergy between the mental, physical, emotional and vocal state. The body is the instrument and the person to whom that body belongs, is the player. My aim is to coach the potential artist on how to access all of the body parts to acquire the best sounding instrument they could possess. I need to educate these potentially, in the future, successful artists about the music part of it, and in a not very invasive fashion, as the majority of them are musically ignorant to say the least, and some of them have no clue where Middle C is located on the keyboard. However, a lot of them consider themselves songwriters, having no idea even of a music notation! So, I need to use the different language with them, for example, instead of saying that the music consists of certain intervals, i.e. major 2nd, major 3rd, triad, and etc., I have to convey to them that the music consists of certain combinations of sounds, duration and pitch, which in a nutshell, is the same thing, colloquially speaking. And yes, the song consists of all of those things, and like ballet dancers have to learn the positions of their arms and feet, the future singer needs to know and be able to analyze what his desired song consists of, to be able to access it by design and, in other words, intelligently.

If everything of the above sounds quite ordinary to you, then I might assume that my name is actually not Diana...? I'm saying that because I never heard of anybody's approach being similar to mine or working as outrageously successfully as mine.

And yes, for many years I was acknowledged of my uniqueness and my revolutionary approach to voice mechanics and to the artist as a whole. But times changed now and so have generations. The new generation is technologically polluted and very much so, technologically, and otherwise, confused. They don't know where they're coming or going, they don't know what's true or what's false. They experienced a lot of frauds, online and otherwise, and they do not believe in anything or to anybody. After almost 28 years of successful business, I've been questioned whether or not it's a scam of what I'm offering to them...?

It is extremely disheartening to hear this from the regular public, but even more so disheartening and unbelievable to realize that the music industry professionals are simply being afraid of me, i.e. instead of embracing something unique and different, which in a nutshell could produce them much more success and much more financial benefits, they simply ignore me and deny the need of somebody like me for their artists. What's even more strange is that I'm the only person who is offering non-surgical voice repair, and a lot of artists nowadays are losing their voices one by one and on an every day basis. The so called music industry professionals prefer to lose artists' performances, tours and what have you, but most of the times not to employ my services. Go figure!

My guess is that they're afraid that I might be able to show to the artists how, so to speak, "discover" a "third note" in their performances (since majority of them are singing only on two lowest possible notes) and God forbid, teach them how to sing in tune and in a real musical time, i.e. in rhythm and meter.

One of the so called prominent producers once exclaimed, "But Diana, it's too perfect!!! It has to be fresh and young" i.e. the translation of it was: off tone, off tune, off key and off time!!! However, are we surprised? Just turn on the radio and you will hear exactly that. There is no where music, in its conventional understanding, to be found. Not to mention that all of the songs are sounding the same and quite a bit plagiarized, in my opinion. That is definitely not the music I know, studied and practiced for many, many years, not to mention taught in the good old times.

So, in this instance, I would like to ask you:

"Can I win this competition?"

As of now, my answer is a big NO, UNFORTUNATELY!!!?

On a personal note, I am still hoping, deep inside, that there is at least one person that exists in this world who would be able to read not just the written words, but between the lines and feel my frustration and appreciate my bluntness, which can only be achieved when the person is very established within herself and totally believing in the skills and benefits, which she could introduce to the general public and needless to say, to the music industry at large.


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