Saturday, August 6, 2011

I've Been Often Asked About What I Do for a Living. My Recent Answer is "Vocally Speaking, I'm Teaching Hippopotamuses How to Fly".

What do you mean by that, my reader may be wondering? I mean quite a lot of things, stating that claim. Let me share with you my experience.

I am Russian and in the Russian language, we have a proverb that the "One born crawling will never fly". By the law of averages, this is a legitimate statement. Can we visualize a hippopotamus, camel or elephant for that matter, flying? Highly unlikely! But in the human kind, it's happening all the time. People who have no musical or vocal talents and who do not even possess any kind of a reasonable look, which could identify them with a performing artist, are wanting it by far more than people who actually do have all the components. That brings us to another question. Do we always want what we don't have? By the looks of things, the answer is yes.

Moreover, those who do have what it takes, for some reason, even if they want to utilize their talents, think that they have enough to get discovered and be offered, minimum to say, million dollar record deals. Lately, they almost become offended if they're offered help with respect of polishing their skills and making their skills to be more likely acquired by the music industry at large. They also think that whatever they don't have they can obtain online or sometimes they're willing to receive a home study course. They figure that voice, just like a guitar or piano, where both of which could be somewhat learned via home study or even online in a general sense, could be perfected as well. The voice though, requires the tedious instruction on how to take that "diamond" and turn it from the "diamond in the rough" into the polished and shiny "diamond in a frame".

Those, however, who could not dream in a million years about any fame or glamour, as they simply weren't born to do so, are willing to put any effort, supported by any money to achieve not always achievable goals. To God's and my credit though, if I could say so myself, with the gift from Him, the Creator of Vocal Science, I was able to realize those people's dreams. I discovered and uncovered their originally non-existent talents and voices and made them shine as if they were always present. I'm very proud and very grateful to God that against all odds, I'm perfectly able to enhance people's dreams and while working next to God, give them and their future audiences the gift of singing.

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