Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Today's Entertainment Biz... Lady Gaga Craze!!!
Everything in the Same Pot: Fruits, Vegetables, Herring and Jam?

As it appears to be, the latest craze in the entertainment business is "everybody's favourite" Lady Gaga's act...? Is it really though? It no doubts is for the young generation. Sometimes even too young. On July 12th I was cordially invited by one of my artist's mom to attend the newest Lady Gaga tour "The Monster Ball".

Let's first talk about the audience. Needless to say, there were a lot of under legal age kids, who I'm not sure should have necessarily had to hear it with their ears and see it with their eyes. The material of the show was quite explicit and definitely not for all ages. It was a lot of liberation presented by Lady Gaga on every level. You could not understand who was male and who was female in that show and who was seducing whom. She was reciting in between of her "escapades" how liberated she was, how free she was (I presume in her sexual preferences and what have you) and did invite the audience to feel free and also liberated and not to mention to feel free in their sexual choices to boot. Don't get me wrong, I'm also for freedom, but not without boundaries and borders. I'm definitely not underage, much more so overage for this type of show. In fact, the mother of my artist who was sitting right beside me, said with absolute certainty and passion that it is the first and last show of this kind that she would see on her life. Granted, we were pretty old for that and definitely from a different generation, but I'm actually in the music business, for at least the last 47 years of my life, therefore I thought I could stomach it all. Moreover, I was asking myself, was I actually in a singing concert or was I watching Cirque De Soleil in not exactly clear and best interpretation? Yes, there was some singing and it wasn't very bad at all to Lady Gaga's credit, who is no doubts extremely talented musically, vocally and performance wise, but for my taste, I would prefer her to stay straight, sing, dance and play piano (and not with her high heeled boots) and certainly not to perform any circus routines. If I want to go to the circus, then I will attend Cirque Du Soleil or even a Russian circus, which is also considered to be one of the best in the world.

She brought up on stage and to the young audience's undivided attention absolutely everything in her performance: From religion to explicit sex, from devils to angels, from monsters to fairies, from blood on her chest to the fire from her "lower body" and finally magically removed panties, which she was shaking in front of the audience and suggesting she was going to throw it onto somebody's face. Exciting? Extremely!!! Crazy? Evidently!!!

She had one good point there. She was raving for the freedom and free choices. She was exclaiming and calling on the young audience to give up their insecurities and fears. The problem was, in my opinion, that all of it was still coming down to sex and sexual preferences. Yes, I'm very liberal on that topic too, but definitely not to this extent. I don't like to take things out of proportion and on this note, I would have to admit that I'm probably the "old school". Our generation (the old school) had some morals and some class. 20-30 years ago, we thought that Madonna was over the top. In comparison, Madonna was definitely an "angel" and did not belong anywhere near the "Monster Ball", as, if she was, she would be booted out of the stage and thrown out of the music business with the point of no return. But those were the old sweet days. Today the question is, how far are we willing to go and if there is room to go any further. Maybe the predicted end of the world is not such a bad thing. At least the humanity will be able to start everything from scratch and extract the fire from the stones and not from their panties.

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