Royans Universe Records

Royans Universe Records is an independent record label and when the artist is ready, Royans Universe Records and the 4 AM Talent will help them to graduate to a Major Management Company and/or Major Record Label.

Vocal Engineering - Sound Constructing and Re-constructing
  • Easy, Fast, Effective, Efficient
  • Save Money, Time and Aggravation
  • Reduce Studio Costs
  • Greater Than Professional Sounding Results
  • Save Your Voice
  • Do Your Songs Justice
  • Voice Sound Editing & Mixing
Master Vocal Consultant/Coach/In-Studio Vocal Expert Diana Yampolsky will guide you through each and every syllable of every phrase that you sing so that you will have the recorded result that you have always dreamed of and aspired towards. She will also teach you how to consistently reproduce your professional sounding recorded vocal in a live setting.

If you are interested in obtaining further information, please Contact Us.

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