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Singing tips for Beginners and Professionals. (PART 1)

To my knowledge, the majority of people love to sing. Even those who cannot sing and others who can and have a perfectly good full-time job and respected profession, would drop all of it without any hesitation in the nick of time to make their living doing what they love the most – Singing

So let’s say, out of 90% of people who would do the above, only 1% or 2% realize their dream. We all know that it is extremely difficult to succeed in the music business and make a living out of it; however, it is not impossible.  If the person has the true music talent, good voice, positive attitude and the vision of their future success, they could do it.
However, they have to understand that with all of the prerequisites described above, if they don’t possess the right vocal technique, they may ruin their precious voice right before succeeding in their vocal performance career. 
A lot of Ballet Dancers and Figure Skaters also initially possess their talent for their fields. However, Mikhail Barysh…

What does it take to learn how to sing well?

Singing Lessons… How could they Benefit your children?


Your Voice will be sounding so good… You will shine! Natural, herbal and homeopathic remedies will play a significant role for your voice/vocal recovery.

Mayor Rob Ford. On Behalf of The Royans Professional Vocal School, We Wish You a Speedy Recovery.