Case Study of our recent attendee of an introductory/exploratory voice repair session:

 Is your compromised voice your problem? 
The Answer is... The Problem Is YOU!!

How so, you, my reader, may ask?

Let’s find out, shall we?

Dear reader, due to the confidentiality code, we will not be disclosing the name of the person of interest the story of whom is described below:

A week ago, in our studio here in Toronto, a female in her late 30’s/early 40’s walked in ready to embark onto our introductory/exploratory session, concerning her voice disorder. She revealed that (some time ago) she was diagnosed with what’s called Muscle Tension Dysphonia (MTD).

I asked her to tell me her story in more detail.  And the more I spoke to her, the more I was amazed how this person could actually exist on this Earth and consider herself that her life was actually somewhat normal….?


To her credit though, (looking quite shy and introverted) she was somewhat open to tell me about herself revealing her shortcomings….(about her voice and her life patterns in general).

She volunteered to tell me about her anxieties, phobias, insecurities, her complex of inferiority, and nonetheless, just a “simple” paranoia….

Let me tell you, that her looks were very far from attractive, meanwhile, she thought that the whole world was after her….?

That “paranoia” evidently was coupled with some vivid delusions. I cannot say that it was some kind of schizophrenia, but it definitely was somewhat far from normal.

Meanwhile, I learned that this person was actually an elementary school teacher….? Let alone the looks, but the demeanour of this person was definitely suggesting insecurity, the complex of inferiority, total uncertainty and complete lack of confidence.

Given all of the above, her voice disorder was the least of my concern. 

Again…. How is that possible, you, my reader, may wonder?

I was wondering about it myself, as if I personally had a child in JK or SK, I would be afraid that my child might develop some phobias themselves or, perhaps, acquire some nightmares at night…. 

Needless to say, on top of everything else, this person's voice was definitely compromised and drawn into her neck.

MTD voice disorder often has been caused by the wrong application of speaking and/or singing voice. In her case, it was definitely severely induced by her emotional makeup.

So in this case, and in my opinion, this person would need to undergo a serious psychological and also psychiatric evaluation, followed by the appropriate treatments in both instances. The above, nevertheless, has to be addressed much before her MTD voice disorder.  

As I’ve said many times before; your voice represents your spirit. As we always say in Russia: “In a healthy body, lives a healthy spirit” which in this context, a healthy voice. 

The human voice is the identification and reflection of the person’s state of being. So if that “being” was taken detailed care of, I am pretty convinced that the “printout” of this collective effort (if it took place) would be much improved and that, in turn, would reflect in the greater quality of the sound of her voice.

As the voice, in a real sense, is just a “printout” of a “software” which had been instilled in their human “computers”, and which, evidently, prior to my intervention, consisted of various strains of “viruses”.

Once that “virus(s)” would be substituted with the healthy “software” and the person would be taught which button to press to make a “printout” of this healthy “software”, it would become automatically improved, if not fully treated and cured back to its original state and better.

Now, my reader, reading the above sentences in that regard, you may understand where I am coming from….

I have extensive experience and expertise for many years of practising and teaching what I’m preaching.

Frankly, for the last at least 40 years, I do not recall a case similar to that. 

We are, no doubt, living in very challenging and trying times (to put it mildly) but, however, it is still not an excuse not to be able to take care of the person’s basic needs via parents, doctors, mental care specialists etc.

This person, apparently, never had a normal relationship, let alone being married or having children. At the age of almost 40, it is not quite normal (at least in my books, so to speak).

I would love to help the whole world and would be even ready to help this person provided if this person would understand how miserable she is and how inadequate she is as a human being, let alone a teacher for young children.

But to do so she would need to express her willingness to work on all of the above - “without borders”, in a manner of speaking.

None of that I was able to pull out of her.

She looked completely lost and thoroughly confused.

Sadly, the latter actually, was her regular comfort zone, so there was nothing new to her but definitely was quite disturbing to me.

And, to top it all off, by the end of that doomed session, her father (to my surprise) who was a completely normal and nice gentleman, walked into our office and offered the payment for the session rendered.

Thank God that was Sunday and I did not have anybody scheduled immediately after her. It took me a few hours to get over this endeavour….

The next day, she wrote me a short email and said that at this time, she’s not prepared to do anything about anything….

In fact, before she was leaving, I told her that I wouldn’t be too thrilled to take her under my care, but being a professional healer, I said that if she really wants it and needs it, I will not be able to refuse her, like any doctor should not refuse any patient, regardless of what they think of the patient personally….

How sad is all of that?

Sad…. INDEED!!


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