Vocal Science™ Suffering from Voice Problems or Vocal Issues?

Feeling uncertain, anxious, scared and even hopeless?
 We can help!

When a sudden voice problem or vocal issue occurs, the person becomes quite confused (not understanding what had just happened with their speaking and/or singing voice and why it became so raspy and hoarse...) 

Nevertheless, they also began to experience a lot of pain in the throat and tightness in the neck - to the point where the sufferer would not want to speak anymore!!

What is happening…?!
Why is it happening?! 
They were exclaiming in their minds!

These people have been desperately searching for answers!! But, apparently, it is not as easy as it sounds! They ran to their family doctor and there they got a referral to see an ENT specialist. However, they still haven’t gotten any definitive diagnosis or satisfactory answers, let alone a solution to their voice troubles…

For singers, it’s even worse!! They visited their doctors, speech specialists, speech pathologists and still to no avail. Why.... you may ask? Because those aforementioned” voice specialists” never had sung a note in their entire lives! If so, how can they help a singer to restore their singing voice? This is, indeed, a riddle…

The simple answer is...evidently they Can Not Help!! The fact is that none of them know anything about proper vocal technique - let alone about the musical side of things. So, given the above, where is the common sense here - or logic for that matter? That remains to be a 2 dollar question…

As for people who are now concerned about their speaking voice, they don’t have any luck either. Nearly all of them were told that they were suffering from acid reflux; thus they were suggested to take various antacid remedies from the shelves of the drug store. None of that, of course, helped and their questions still remained to be unanswered. They had tried everything including numerous massages of their necks and throats and some were even trying hypnosis…

My reader, be assured that all of the above had never helped anybody - I can guarantee you that! They all have been working on the “fridge” when the “stove” is broken, so to speak!
So then the question is, what to do next… if anything?

Firstly, not knowing what to do about the voice trouble(s) creates fear and confusion, uncertainty and insecurity, whereas all of the above factors are strong enough to through a person’s confidence in the “bucket”; and thus throw the sufferer completely out of balance, in a manner of speaking. Then... on the other hand, utilizing our Vocal Science™ method and its revolutionary voice/vocal technique, we are more than capable of recovering and restoring your speaking and, non-nonetheless, singing voice Non-Surgically and nevertheless, none-invasively!

Contact us and ask us how…?

For the record:

We can help you to eliminate all of your fears and insecurities concerning your speaking and/or singing voice, while being able to provide you with answers to your yet-unanswered questions and, nevertheless, offer you practical help with no false promises or gimmicks!!


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