Non-Surgical Voice Repair – What Does It Begin With And What Does It Entail?

Any Non-Surgical Voice Repair starts with voice/vocal, physical, mental and definitely emotional assessment.

Being a voice repair specialist for much over 3 and half decades, I could, with absolute certainty say, that all the above-indicated aspects of the human being behavior, are definitely have to be addressed.
There is no voice repair process I could start without assessing not only just the voice/vocal problem, but the shape and form of the physical body which defines, so to speak, an “instrument” and the rest of the components, such as mental and emotional, would define a “player” in this instance. The voice usually is never the cause.

The cause of the vocal disorder lies far beneath. There are a lot of factors (many of them from the deep past) that could lead to the voice issues.

Let’s take, for example, the physical aspect of it –

If the person’s diet, for the longest time, had consisted of a lot of dairy, fatty, creamy and mucous-filled foods, the voice (even without any particular damage), may sound a little hoarse and raspy. And thus the tone of the voice could change also (to a somewhat lower or unnaturally higher tone compared to how it had been sounding originally). In this case, the voice cure is quite easy. Once the diet is cleaned up, and the physical body is at least remotely exercised, the voice exponentially will become better sounding.

The other problem, which contributes to the voice issue, is the posture. A lot of clients of mine have been coming to me with slouched backs (some even with scoliosis). Due to that, they are usually standing with their pelvis sticking out (in my book – “Vocal Science – Flight to the Universe”, it is described as a “pregnant ballerina mode”).

So now visualize, my reader, that if even the best violinist who would hold his violin and his bow upside down and, on top of it, his violin would have been broken to pieces, would he be able to extract any sound from that inadequate instrument…?

Sounds pretty scary, ha? Scary indeed, but that’s the fact!

Evidently, in a case like this, the physical body is completely out of balance. So, in this instance, the mental, physical and emotional balance has to be addressed first and that is a must!
Understandably, the mental and, especially, the emotional state of such clients is also quite questionable.

Clearly, they have been through a lot before they have reached my studio/clinic. All of the imbalance and all of their fears have been definitely, very much so, present. In most cases, they have no idea why it is happening to them, unless their voice disorder was a result of the obvious accident, or careless surgical procedure. So they are naturally upset and, in many cases, depressed and are looking for a very fast and, preferably, “magical” solution. The majority of them say after the fact that it was the hardest thing that they have done in their entire life.

I, personally, agree and disagree.

If the persons mind is sound and if it does connect and correspond with their motor skills, the process becomes much easier.

Those who, in their childhood, embarked on post-curriculum activities, such as: Ballet, Gymnastics or Figure Skating for that matter, experience less problems with the above aforementioned skills.
They are accustomed to think on a parallel track with their actions (whichever ones they may be). The rest of the population, in a manor of speaking, is “playing it by ear”.

However, what all of them, independently, have in common, is definitely ‘quite disturbed’ emotions. It is also, however, quite understandable; but it is obviously a big drawback to their voice/vocal recovery.

Nevertheless, that comes with the territory.

So all of those issues, much before the vocal issue, have to be addressed first.
In other words, the “field” has to be cleared and then the voice restoration process shall begin.


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