Voice Repair: Pre-New Year's 2023 Resolution... Should you wait any longer to fix your voice/vocal issues...?

Yes, of course, you can convince yourself to postpone it until next year, as you now will be busy with the holidays, holiday shopping, your children and whatnot. But should you really wait and put it on the back burner? Some things in our lives cannot wait for better days or better weather.

For example,  Muscle Tension Dysphonia  (MTD)  could easily turn into Spasmodic Dysphonia, (which is definitely not going to be fun), and any growth on the vocal cords such as polyps, nodules, lesions, cysts (and what have you), could turn into cancer of the throat, especially if all of it is emotionally induced. Our non-surgical voice repair Vocal Science™Method - and, nonetheless, consisting of its very unique voice/vocal technique, is truly accelerated and straight to the point whereas the healing of the vocal problems and voice disorders are being solved with the speed of light (hours and days, not months or years). 

I would like to offer you one of the examples which I cannot forget for, already, a few years now.  I have received an email from a very distraught woman who is a singer/songwriter and a solo guitar player.
This is her story:

A few years before her initial email to me, she got diagnosed with a polyp on her vocal cord.  She didn't think much of it, as she was busy with her shows and performances. She, of course, felt that her speaking and singing voice were not the same, but she learned how to hide and get around it.

Then, eventually, there came a time when it was not possible to ignore it any longer. Her higher range, while singing, virtually disappeared and thus she had to transpose her songs two tones down. Her speaking voice started to go noticeably and her singing voice was also reducing its quality and range exponentially.

So she had no other choice but to go to an ENT specialist who ordered immediate vocal surgery. At that point, she had no other choice but to agree to the surgical interference.

I'm the medical world; it is a protocol to take any removed growth (from any organ, for that matter) to pathology.

When the results came back, they revealed that the polyp, which they have removed, was malignant (cancerous).

With that said if that poor woman would have agreed to deal with the growth on her vocal cord non-surgically or, if totally needed, surgically, nothing like that would have happened.

After the e-mail, we connected over the phone and I mainly have spoken with her husband and not her. When I asked her to pick up the phone (at that point, it was 3 months after the vocal surgery), she still could not speak and was, at best, whispering.

Honestly, I could not understand a word she was saying and asked to put her husband back on the phone with me. After he picked up the receiver, I had to outright tell him that I would not be able to help his wife at this point.

I felt that it was simply too late and also, at that point in time (perhaps 20 years ago or even more now), out of my jurisdiction.
I believe with my overall experience of over 45 years and counting of practicing my craft, I most likely, would be able to do something significant for her at the present time...

How sad is that...?
Sad... INDEED! 


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