It is not Speech Therapy per se (especially not in a conventional sense)... but Innovative Speaking and/or Singing Voice Repair

Over the years, I have been attending to many clients with voice problems who had undergone speech therapies of one kind or another.

Unfortunately for them, they have not gotten anything out of it and some of them actually got worse. Needless to say that, at best, they left the speech therapy office feeling exactly the same as quite a few speech sessions ago and “quite a few” dollars spent. They were especially doomed if they came to speech therapy to fix their singing voice.

The fact is that those speech therapists are not trained in vocals, thus they could not be knowledgeable in the restoration of voice mechanics.

Some of the singers who have, so to speak, lost their ability to sing for whatever reason, actually have their speaking voice intact or close to normal. When they come to speech therapy, they are asked to blow into a kazoo or blow a bubble into the water.

They are also asked to “moo and hum” some strange sounds, which really have nothing to do with the brutal reality of the loss of singing, or even speaking voice for that matter.

Out of an estimated 30,000 people who have ended up in my care, not one of them had gotten satisfied with the conventional speech therapy or so-called ENT specialist’s diagnoses and treatments.

So what is the solution, you may ask?

The solution is to approach it completely holistically!

A couple of days ago, I ended up talking with a male individual who, according to 2 ENTs, had, “out of the blue”, acquired a paralyzed vocal cord...?

He, in fact, was not even offered speech therapy but, outright, was offered a “temporary solution” via injections to his vocal cord; or a ”permanent solution” via surgery, which would consist of installing an artificial device which, supposedly, would bring the paralyzed vocal cord closer to the healthy one.

In my opinion, both solutions were not viable.  The cause of the problem with the voice definitely lies deeper... and, nonetheless, very much so...

After interviewing the potential client, I found out that he was quite a heavy smoker for many years. He also had been working in quite a toxic environment. And prior to his voice becoming indeed very deep and raspy, he, on top of it, acquired some kind of a cold or, perhaps, even some kind of a virus.

In my opinion, the combination of all those ‘mentioned above’ toxins, set off a chemical reaction, and that very reaction attacked the person’s throat and respectively, their whole vocal anatomy.

So, in this case, the aforementioned person would have to undergo a very deep cleanse and concurrently, a very heavy-duty build of his immune system and not only of his vocal anatomy, but, also, simultaneously, all of the body’s systems in general.

While undergoing the latter, the sufferer’s voice has to be rebuilt and restored, i.e. via special speech exercises, coupled with specially designed body movements.
The proper support, structure, placement and projection of the voice must complete the “installation” of the wholesome mechanism which will allow the human voice to work in the fullest capacity and with no pain or strain on the vocal anatomy.

Needless to say, the annunciation and pronunciation will become much clearer, the projection of the voice, and thus the volume of the voice, will become much louder and the person whose speech was hardly understood by others before (now with absolute confidence), will be able to fully communicate with no difficulties and be certain that he is received and perceived exactly as it was meant to be.   

Later on, I will further elaborate in more depth on how I could help speakers and singers who ended up with a lost voice.
I will also shed more light on their treatment(s) and even, where feasible, on their cure to whichever degree possible.


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