Vocal Issues… Can I fix my voice by remote means?

 As technology progresses, more and more, I have been asked if I could do my instruction and an actual voice treatment via Skype, FaceTime, or phone. 

The people who are inquiring sincerely believe that the above is possible. 

I have news for them, IT IS NOT!!! 

The problem with the voice is a serious matter and it has to be treated seriously. 

Yes, perhaps, you can learn how to play guitar or even piano remotely, but the voice is an “internal instrument” and it requires special manipulations with the body and body language to discover it, uncover it, and recover it from within; especially when it’s trapped in the neck, shoulders, and chest, not to mention throat and nasal passages. 

In this case the physical body has to be completely balanced and centred, the subconscious and conscious mind have to be aligned, the intellectual understanding has to be totally coupled with motor skills, and thus the wholesome mechanism has to be in place to allow the voice to work in the fullest capacity possible with no pain or strain on the vocal anatomy. 

When I’m recovering the voice, or even just instructing the person on how to speak or sing properly, I connect with that person on an intimate, so to speak, level of being (almost like a mother connects with her baby by umbilical cord). 

Without that, the restoration of the voice, or even an instruction of voice placement for the healthy voice is not possible. 

So now, you my reader, please tell me whether something like that described above could be achieved remotely, without the master instructor and the student being present, in person, in the same room? 

So this is your riddle.


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