Voice issues - Speech and Singing Lessons for Seniors.

Lately, I have a lot of inquiries from seniors asking about singing lessons and how to improve their speech. Some of them were motivated because they have been experiencing some voice problems speaking.  The others, by trying to learn how to sing properly, have been trying to realize their younger years' dream. 

A couple of years ago, I had a 72 years old student – a very successful business man, who’s dream has always been to become a singer and actor. However, living in poverty and watching his parents suffer with low paid jobs, he gave himself a promise that he will become very well off in the business world.

And so he did. But the desire of his heart and soul did not get realised until he met me in his early 70s, and after participating in several of my Vocal Interactive Workshops, following by the private singing lessons with me, he landed a role of Santa Clause in one of the community theatres.

Way to go Man, I exclaimed!  
Now, at present, I am working with a senior of 68 years old who came to me from the province of Nova Scotia, Canada. The poor woman has been suffering for the last 27 years with uncontrollable cough and as a result, a very raspy and hoarse lower tone voice. She has been approaching every conventional and holistic health professional under the Sun. She has heard a lot of diagnosis and a lot of speculations about her condition and its treatment. 

Singing Lessons for Seniors? Sure you Can!


The satisfactory result never took place and as a last resort, she flew to me here in Toronto. As of today, we have accomplished 13 hours of instruction and treatment. She is spending, on average, the total time with me, about 5 hours a day. By already yesterday, her cough is almost gone, her throat is not sore and not scratchy and she looks and sounds 10 years younger as she did a few days ago today.
So she came with the voice issue, but realized that the voice problem is mainly just a symptom, as several related problems lie much deeper. She is completely amazed and amused, as nobody ever gave her the full assessment and evaluation of not only of her voice, but of the state of her whole being. Today, we have been discussing some singing lessons for her down the road. She revealed to me that her ultimate dream would be to sing in a church choir. 
Isn’t that amazing? From the Voice Repair on the speaking voice to potentially singing in a choir?

Yes, indeed!

Is it possible, you may ask?
Absolutely! And in her Voice Repair case, for sure!

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  2. Thank you Alex for all of your comments.
    We really appreciate it.
    Are you a singer yourself, or perhaps teaching singing?
    We believe that you are located in Nashville.
    We would be curious to find out more about you.
    Thanks again,

    Diana Yampolsky
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