Unlock Your Voice... And Take Away the "Golden Key" to Your Vocal Performance Success

One of my former students, who is, as we speak, becoming a well known artist, reconnected with me recently and this time, being signed with a label and having a manager and not like before, being a young girl who was just starting out when she came to me first.

Introducing me to her team, the manager and songwriter, she kept repeating over and over, "Diana had unlocked my voice. I want her to do it again."

Out of curiosity, both of her crew members had asked her what she meant by that.

She said, "My voice felt before like it was locked in my throat and in my neck muscles and once I took a course with Diana, it started to soar..."

Of course, now eight years have passed and the voice needs a little tune up.

Lots of shows were performed, lots of different producers were giving their comments on the vocals, while in the majority of times, not even being qualified, and of course, quite a few YouTube videos were produced over numerous recorded tracks.

Given all of that, by the looks of things and after all of this, the artist "misplaced her key"...

As the voice got a little worn out, it dropped a level below the proper placement and thus, got somewhat locked again in the throat, neck and even chest muscles.

The voice now needs a significant lift to release the vocal and other related anatomy from the pressure of the sound.

All the facial muscles and abdominal muscles have to be re-trained and rehabilitated, not to mention toned and tuned.

All the related muscle cavities have to be redeveloped, just like a body builder would need to create the body cavities, so that the muscles would have the room to come in and accommodate themselves.

To do so, they employ heavy weight-lifting - I employ the voice lifting, voice strengthening, facial cavity development and upper and lower abdominal muscles strengthening, as well as developing the upper back muscles' support.

All of these components belong to the wholesome mechanism, which, while employed correctly, will give the singer a smooth and powerful vocal ride.

In this instance, the wrong muscles will be unlocked and left behind and the new muscles will operate with double strength.

The knowledge and understanding of how the human voice works with absolute efficiency and safety, rewards the artist with the "golden key" to her's/his vocal performance success.


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