X factor American Thanksgiving Episode The Emotions Were Flying as High as a Kite!

Yesterday, again, I was religiously watching yet another X Factor episode, which was dedicated to the American Thanksgiving Holiday.

It was very emotionally charged, as the top 10 and the judges, especially the female clan, were crying, as for some reason, the participants were talking about the events which happened to them in the past, but not exactly the positive ones, for which they would want to be thankful, but rather, in my opinion, quite disturbing and intimate ones… 

I suppose that was good for the show, but I am not sure if it was good for the performers, as a lot of them lost the quality of their singing, which is, in this instance, quite understandable.The question is, though, should they have had been driven to that state of mind, heart and soul, or rather, would that be more productive, performance wise, if it was a little less dramatic? For some of them, the emotions definitely took over, and their voices were not in their usual state.

That, in fact, and quite unfortunately, could affect the voting, and thus their placement in the show, or even, in the worst case scenario, it could provoke their elimination from the show completely.
If they were high calibre professionals, they probably would have been able to use those emotions for even better quality of their usual performances.

But this top 10 are yet, amateur singers, and therefore, a majority of them, somewhat, fell vocally apart. But on the positive side, we also witnessed a good and vulnerable side of them, which brought us closer to their humanity and thus, we got more familiarized with them as people, and not just singers.

“What doesn't kill you makes you stronger”, sings American Idol winner, Kelly Clarkson.
Indeed, I would say…

I know it first hand and by my experience, being involved in the music industry for almost 4 decades! 

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