Vocal DNA - What's That?

One of my clients singing the cover tunes asked me if he ever will be able to find his own voice, whether singing cover tunes or originals. My reply was, evidently so.  The way I instruct singers consists of a very deep connection between me and them during the process. And since I literally engage into their "guts" I pull out the voice out of them, which reflects the state of their being and the voice, which identifies who they actually are. Like fingerprints and overall DNA, each person owns it individually.  Therefore, the newly found voice comes out with unique and very personalized tone from each and every individual I engage to and with.

I do not work with them on an anatomical level. I work with them on the level of "being". I connect my energy to their energy and to the universal energy and the wonders come out of their mouth and their body language as well. Sometimes, looking at the clearly straight men, I notice that the newly found tone and mannerism is completely different to what they came originally with.

Quite a few times in my practice, I've discovered deeply closeted Gays. I had a precedent when one of the clients with whom it happened in a real sense after my course, started hating me and asked me to remove all of his previously very loving and with a lot of gratitude positive testimonials from my website. Go figure! I probably discovered something about him which even he did not know about himself or never admitted even to himself. Therefore, his behaviour was understandable to me and I gladly did so, however feeling a little guilty, as I drastically changed somebody's life and practically without his consent, but still, no doubts, for the better, as the person is supposed to be true to themselves, gay or straight.

In my practice, I had perfectly good purely English people who never knew any other language but English and who during my exercises in speaking and singing, started possessing a very pronounced Chinese accent! When I inquired about it, one of them told me that if I came to his home, I would see a lot of Chinese influence in his home decorations. I asked him why and he had no answer on that.

Given all that, it seems to be truly, "you are what you eat" and evidently, "you are what you sing". Therefore, there is no need to worry. If the singer to be will discover his own true identity, i.e. his own true voice and tone, then to summarize all of that, needless to say, he will discover his own Vocal DNA.


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