Friday, June 10, 2011

I Really Want to Sing...? But... I have three “locks” on my soul, five “whales” on my face and a “chastity belt”...?

What's that you may ask? That is my definition of so called wannabe singers who are claiming that they want to be singers and performers, but not willing to open up their heart and open up their soul.
The singing performance is next intimate to sex and the singer/performer should be willing to stand, so to speak, naked, in front of the absolute strangers, i.e. the audience. Meanwhile, the people who have desire to sing and perform in a lot of cases are completely "locked in", which also affects the sound of the voice, which comes out very tight, constricted and strained. The voice is a reflection of the state of being and an identification of the actual personality. In a lot of cases, when I free up the voice, I will get my up and coming singer/performer to "spread their wings" and finally start flying. I would say I succeed 98% of the time, but in some cases, the "blueprint" is so embedded in the person via upbringing, lifestyle, religion and false obedience of either parents or religion. 

To open up a person like that, you need the "forceps", just like in a difficult pregnancy to pull out the baby via forceps. Unfortunately, sometimes though, the baby comes out deformed and therefore, in the remaining unsuccessful two per cent, where even I could not succeed, the so called singer/performer remains to be deformed also. 

Strangely enough, neither the parents (primarily, we're talking about female teenagers in this case) nor the up and coming artist are realizing that it's not about the voice only. It's about the whole being. Not taking any of it for consideration, the parents become delusional and they tend to think that in spite of all of those factors described by me above, their very complex daughter is miraculously going to open up and produce a class act performance and nevertheless, conquer the world...?

I certainly wish all of them good luck, but also wish them to get a check with reality, at least from time to time, to realize exactly who they are and who their children are and try it for size, and see if there is a perfect fit.

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