What is the secret to being a standout artist now and in the foreseeable future?

Everybody knows that writing and recording a good original song is an important key to one's success in the music industry. Not everybody knows or realizes, though, that you need to be able to sing that song in the exact fashion as it has been written; preferably in tune and with proper phrasing, inflection, emphasis, pronunciation and clarity. You also have to be able to use your voice correctly in order to survive more than one song performance and prevent long term damage. If you are capable of all of that, your listeners will respect you because the magic of your music consistently translates in live performances and isn't just artificially created in the studio. Also, the record labels will be more interested in you because you can bring your "A" game any place, any time. Furthermore, already respected and well-known artists will be more interested in featuring you on their records, which brings you exposure to their fanbases.

Consumers these days are very smart. They are not running out to the record stores in a hurry to buy a new artist’s CD. Depending on the genre, there is increasing interest in real talent and they want access to a given artist's music on YouTube where they can to be assured a performer is authentic and not fabricated in the studio. That connection is what will lead them to buy a ticket to see an artist live... and if they like the concert, maybe buy the CD.

To summarize, what would it take to become a successful artist now and in the future?

-       Musical talent and the ability write a hit song
-       Vocal talent and training in order to perform up to professional standards
-       Social Media presence 
               A well designed and integrated website. Bandzoogle is a great resource
               Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. See Ariel Hyatt's book for guidance
               Viral marketing campaigns ...  if you're clever and timely enough. Here are the principles

Once you have these considerations in full swing, your odds of standing out and succeeding in today’s music business are immeasurably better.

Diana Yampolsky is the Master Vocal Coach, Studio Vocal Producer, and Non-Surgical Voice Repair Specialist at The Royans Professional Vocal School in Toronto, Canada. She is also the creator of the Vocal Science (TM) method and Talent Scout & Director for the 4 A.M. Talent Development and Artist Management Group Inc.
If you find yourself struggling with vocal performance or are in need of voice repair, you can reach Diana by email or phone, Toll Free in North America, at 1-888-229-TUNE (8863)


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