Vocal cancer II: Is there a cure?

“…and can we stop the spread…?”

Like any cancer, in my opinion, vocal cancer is also a serious disease. However, there are always stages. And if the real cancer is diagnosed and detected early, it usually falls in at stage 1, which means it is quite curable and if not completely, at the very least could prolong the patient’s life significantly. Unfortunately the vocal cancer, I would classify as stage 4, which in most cases is terminal and no cure could be offered unless something really alternative, out of this world and crazily outrageous comes along. Strangely enough, it actually has already come, like a lot of alternative treatments for the real cancer, which have been suggested by the alternative herbal and naturopathic medicines. The problem is that the people are so brainwashed and so believing in what they’ve “known” for years, ie. conventional medicine, which in a lot of cases is killing while supposedly “healing”. That said, no doubt, it’s very hard to change the herd mentality.

Therefore, for over thirty years I’ve been offering to the public in general and music industry in particular a new alternative way of how to teach a performer to sing in tune with proper phrasing, inflection, emphasis, etc. and how to apply the authenticity to all those technical aspects of proper vocals in a very easy, short-timed and efficient manner. Did anybody listen? No, not too many people and definitely not the music industry. They in particular got really frightened by my new and innovative approach to the vocal mechanics and the performer on the whole. Deep inside they knew that primarily their artists cannot sing to save their lives, but they were covering it all up by studio magic technology, by somewhat reasonably good songs and for the bigger artists with $40 or so million dollar built stages. In other words, they were investing in everything else but authentic singing and performance.

If this is not the cancer than what is? The music industry actually put it all on “life support and morphine” to ease the pain, but evidently to prolong the agony while offering no cure and just temporarily getting by. Moreover the metastasis of the cancer went even further where they ended up “shooting themselves in the foot”. To make the matter worse, the internet came upon the world. Instead of treating it like an opportunity to enhance the music industry, they treated it all wrong by resisting the very embrace of it. To their credit, however, eventually they got the hang of it, allowing for MP3 sales online and what have you, but it was a little too late as the “cancer” of illegal downloads and other piracies killed the music industry down to the roots.

Therefore, the question is still remaining: Will the public in general smarten up and embrace the fact that there is something else which exists on this earth outside of their conventional beliefs, and not only with respect to music, vocals and what not, but in other instances? Will the music industry eventually clue in to the fact that if they want to prosper, their performers have to be more “sound” with respect to their vocals and performances and not only the songs and outrageously built stages. It’s self evident that the people are fed up with the fake artists who cannot play their own records on stage, let alone sing them. And lastly, when are they going to embrace the new ways of the music evolution, using the internet and other now available means more efficiently?

In essence, it all could be good, there is a cure to the vocal and music cancer available, provided that the fear of embracing new things will find it’s cure first.


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