Voice Acupuncture

Everybody knows that acupuncture is a Asian medical practice that originated in China and is now very popular and practised all around the world.

This art falls into the holistic philosophy of overall health and well being.

In acupuncture, fine needles are inserted at specific points to stimulate, disperse, and regulate the flow of chi, or vital energy, and restore a healthy energy balance.

Similarly, the Vocal ScienceTM method finds the certain spots and channels in one’s body to activate the human voice and make it work at the fullest capacity possible.

For singers this method knocks down the years of practice of increasing the volume and projection on their voices and mainly corrects the pitch and vastly increases the range.

By pointing out to the singer exactly how to attack and place the sound, his whole performance becomes predominantly designed and, thus, aimed to its final destination upon design.

For speakers, this method assures a proper volume, enunciation, inflection, emphasis and definite projection without any pain or strain on their vocal anatomy.

In both instances, the physical body is also very involved in the equation.

The certain points in the lower abdominal and upper diaphragm muscles, as well as the upper back muscles, are playing a significant role in the support of the sound and make sure that it has been delivered to those designated facial cavities and then, naturally over all, projected.

In other words, the whole philosophy boils down to so to speak “re-channelling” the sound upon the use of the precise points of the human body and voice as an outcome away from the so called “natural” use, ie. screaming from the bottom of the throat and the top of the lungs, which in turn leads to an overall need for voice repair.


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