Vocal Science™ Method: “Save Myself From Myself.”

Vocal Science™ Method.

“Save Myself From Myself.”

This story is partially (as an example) about my former student Serge, an up-and-coming singer-songwriter born in Russia.


Serge initially came to me at 24 years of age. He seemed to be really interested in becoming a professional singer… But he was very inconsistent. He would come to my private lessons, stay for no more than a 10-hour course and then he would leave. In short, often he would come back just only for a vocal workshop, while there, he would get very excited actively participating in it and then he would leave again. This cycle repeated over and over again for 7 years… The last time we saw Serge was around the year 2017.


Prier coming back for his last round of lessons, Serge called me and said;” Diana, I need your help…”


I asked,” have you finally made a decision to become a professional singer?”


He replied, “not yet”.


I got a little puzzled and asked “ what is your purpose than…?

He replied” I need you to save myself from myself, Diana” 


How so, I asked?


Serge told me that at that time a lot of young people were collecting at somebody’s cottage and  then, primarily on the weekends, the big party would take place. They were drinking, smoking and doing drugs while there for a couple of days or more during a long weekend.


Serge intuitively came to an understanding that if he continued that style of life, his voice would cease and his desired music career will never happen. At this point, he was desperately looking for a way out and for a viable solution that would help him to get back on track.


Serge began to search his mind and soul and at that time he understood that when he was under my care (numerous times), he felt more disciplined and more focused and, nevertheless, structured.


Needless to say, the, developed-by-me, “Vocal Science™ method requires a lot of discipline; mind, body and motor skills working in full conjunction and coordination between all of them and, of course, as a result of the above, the needed and desired vocal components would almost, by osmosis, get into the assigned and designated place and  voice placement. That will allow the person of interest to achieve the “installation” of, so to speak, a total voice mechanism - which will, in turn, allow the one’s voice (speaking or singing) to work in the fullest capacity possible and, nonetheless, without any pain or strain on the vocal anatomy.


That quite complex process requires the integration and synergy between all of the above-described elements. It also requires the complete alignment between the subconscious and the conscious mind, and needless to say, one's physical body in order to achieve a complete balance without which the human voice will definitely not thrive!


I said numerous times that the human voice is representing a human being’s spirit as it reflects on the state of one’s being and identifies the actual core of the given person.


When all of that gets in balance, will not only the voice would become healthy and vibrant, but the person as a hole will become more stable, more aligned, in the manner of speaking; and thus will have much healthier habits and desires - like, to be healthy and fit rather than to continue running from reality, by using alcohol and/or drugs.


Serge obviously already knew that I promote a natural and, nevertheless, a holistic approach not only to voice mechanics but to the whole person.


I have been for many years teaching every one of my students to use all of that and to apply it all into all aspects of life…

Also, now close to 4 decades of my business existence, I have been watching my students losing weight, becoming more fit, changing the style of their clothes - and mainly, getting rid of bad very destructive habits…


Especially now, living in these trying and very challenging times, people seem to be starting to adapt the above mentioned bad habits more - and more - everyday. Very sad indeed!! I wish that they would find other - more healthy - outlets to fend off their frustration…


My friend recently told me that her daughter is married to a police officer and that he told his wife that the authorities had never seen anything like this ever before - drinking, drugs, domestic disputes, divorces and etc.


Needless to say, the pandemic definitely does not help. But I don’t buy it!


The human being should know better than that… And if they, by any chance, had gotten ’’lost“ in all of these, he /she should look for the immediate professional support in order to help them to achieve a complete balance in their lives to help themselves and to help others, especially the immediate family, where the members, by extension, could also get, (God forbid), severely victimized!!

- Thank you for reading! -


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