Friday, February 15, 2019

Voice Repair Article! - Bleeding Polyp: Non-Surgical VS Surgical!

We would like to share with you some excerpts from an email which recently reached our office. However, due to privacy concerns, we omitted some personal details. We regret, however, that this person did not reach out to us first and tried to rectify her vocal problem non-surgically.

For those who suffer from the same voice disorder, we would like you to think twice before you choose vocal surgery over a non-surgical approach and treatment. There are a lot of consequences which could be experienced with surgical interference.

We had numerous clients with various voice disorders who came to us after the surgery was performed - and some of them hardly could speak, let alone sing…

Please see the aforementioned email below:

"Hi. In 2013, I had an operation on my vocal cords ( bleeding polyp ) and I feel that it made my voice a lot worse. If I do a performance I am hoarse for two weeks or more.
I have lost the melody in my voice and my "throat" hurts constantly. I've been back to the Drs several times and they keep saying my vocal cords look fine, so I've given up. If I'm out with my friends I feel anti-social as I can't talk because my voice gets hoarse very quickly and it hurts. It also feels extremely tired and like a weight is on it. Then I feel like I do not have enough breath/oxygen to finish a sentence. 
When they did the operation the Drs said they've tested it and it was nothing to worry about. I am, however, devastated that I can't sing anymore or like I used to. 
I live in the U.K. I miss singing and I get very embarrassed when people remember me for my beautiful voice, but you can see the disappointed look on their faces when I sing now. I have to shout through an entire song which I know is not helping. 
Thank you. Looking forward to hearing from you,
E. M." 

To support our point, please see below the story of our recent non-surgical voice repair client, Sue D.

To give it an introduction, we have to mention the Sue had a bleeding polyp and was suggested an immediate operation. However, in Canmore, Alberta, the wait for an “immediate” vocal surgery was nearly 11 months. Meanwhile, Sue’s livelihood was in jeopardy, as she was directing a big chorus, running music workshops, and teaching guitar and singing to her private students. She came to us with a very raspy and hoarse voice. As she reveals in her email to us, her voice is completely clear (speaking and singing) and she fully resumed all of her music activities.

To view Sue’s story/testimonial, you can click HERE:

Monday, February 11, 2019

Attention parents who have children and teenagers ages 16 and under!

Attention parents who have children and teenagers ages 16 and under!
This letter is a special addition:

On this note, we would like to bring a story of our two recent students.
One of the boy's name is Timothy Z (12)
and the other boy’s name is Nurian B (13).

Timothy's mom just sent us a post-course letter. It is, in fact, self-explanatory.
Dear Diana and Jamie,
Thank you for being so patient and for being great vocal coaches.
I have to say that when Timmy arrived for his first singing lesson, he was feeling quite nervous and anxious. But with your help and undivided support, he began to feel a lot more comfortable. I really appreciate how you took the time to make sure Timmy understood what you taught him, even when the lessons were inevitably going over the set hour and a half.  
Timmy often came tired, with both school and competitive dance occupying most of his time, but with your kind help and fun attitude he’d re-energize and sing his heart out. 
It is with deep regrets that Timmy has to take some time off his regular singing lessons, with competitive dance season looming over. We still hope to continue these classes in the near future, as they were both fun and beneficial. Thank you again for being such amazing and understanding teachers. We wish you both the best, 
Diana and Timmy Zvifel.
Timothy's dream and inspiration has always been to get into the musical theatre scene and to achieve his final goal would be to become a Broadway musical actor. We are truly looking forward to getting this amazing child back with us to realize all of his dreams and make them a reality.

Way to go, Tim!! 
Dream it, Make it, Be it.
We already see you there! 

The other boy - Nurian (13) - came to us very recently to obtain just 10 hours of instruction and light herbal treatment.

While studying vocals in another music school for a year an a half, he acquired strained vocal cords and Muscle Tension Dysphonia (strained neck muscles) This teenager has been also suffering from type-A diabetes, which caused him hyperactivity. In spite of all of the challenges described above, and with the use of the Vocal Science™ method and technique, we were able to do an amazing job with respect to Nurian's vocal development. 
As a result, upon completion of our very unique instruction, coupled with natural herbal treatment, Nurian auditioned and got into the Vocal Regional Arts program at St. Elizabeth Catholic High School!

Congratulations Nurian!!
Way to go Man!

Stay tuned for more information on our courses, discounted junior packages and upcoming workshops.

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

This Time, Medical Doctors And Speech Therapists Had Failed The Patient With The Muscle tension Dysphonia Diagnosis!

The story is about “old” Maggie Y - now the “new” Ariel Y. Maggie Y came to us about a year ago to fix her breaking and crackling voice due to muscle tension dysphonia (MTD) voice disorder. Maggie told us her story and explained the reason why she thinks it happened to her.

With her permission, we would share her story with you:

Maggie Y

She originally came from China and, nonetheless, had experienced all the consequences of immigration. Her parents were extremely stressed going through the process of immigration to Canada. Given all that, their marriage was quite-a-bit on the rocks.

When Maggie turned 16 (she is now 24 years old ) the family situation became worse while Maggie, at the time, was attending high school. The parents were fighting everyday and Maggie, in order to stop their screaming at each other, was screaming and yelling herself day-in and day-out, obviously feeling upset and frustrated.

Due to all of that happening, she began feeling tightness in her throat and in her neck. She felt a lump in her throat and her voice was failing her while she was trying to speak. Maggie finally went to the ENT specialist(s) who diagnosed her with muscle tension dysphonia (MTD). She was referred to speech therapists as well as speech pathologists, but to no avail. Obviously, at that time, nobody could help her; and nevertheless, her confidence was failing her as well.

Eight years later, after a lot of searching for help on the net, she approached our establishment and began to work with me. It was not an easy road for either of us, but we conquered the problem - and today, Maggie speaks completely normal. Her confidence soared exponentially and in more ways than one… Overall this time, I became not only her mentor but her friend and consultant on many other issues she has been going through for all these years till now.

A couple of months ago, she told me that since her life changed immensely, she wants to adopt a new name. Now in her new, more elaborate Government job she recently acquired, instead of using her old name “Maggie”, she introduced herself as Ariel. She is feeling that her life (due to the change in her voice and thus in her spirit) took a turn for the better. Therefore, she decided to get away from her old life which was associated with her “old” name Maggie. She is a “new” Ariel now and we are very proud of her…

She was yesterday participating in my birthday party coupled with the 35th anniversary of my school, which was founded on February the 15th, 1984. Ariel was truly blossoming looks-wise, voice-wise and in every other aspect… Please read below what she has addressed to me in her greeting card:

Arieele Y (formally Maggie Y)
"It is an honour to be able to celebrate your birthday and the anniversary of Vocal Science with you!
I cannot wait to continue sharing many more experiences with you. You are an absolute blessing, miracle and divine gift to this world. So thank you for all that you do!"

Love, Arielle
- Feb 3rd, 2019

Also,  to my knowledge, she is now back on the dating scene. In our correspondence today, I said to her that I am visualizing her wedding shower party and that I believe that the man of her dreams (her prince) is yet to come and is already around the corner.

Way to go “new” Ariel! Expect the miracles coming your way!