Thursday, November 29, 2018

Part 2 - Your Doctors said that “You will never have your voice back to normal ever again.” We said… “TRY US!”

Vernon (left) - Brenda (Middle) Diana (Right)
Completeion of 30 hours of non-surgical voice repair.

- Case Study #2: Brenda Mooers of Calgary, Alberta Canada -

Brenda arrived to our establishment on November 1st 2018. She is a 51 year old woman who has been going through hormonal changes. Sometime prior to inquiring about our services, Brenda went to a medical doctor and presented her problem to him.

Her doctor prescribed testosterone needles, which had to be administered to Brenda by her husband on an everyday basis. But… incidentally, the doctor prescribed a triple dose of the latter (3 milligrams instead of 0.3 milligrams). Moreover, this very doctor never ordered a blood test to detect the exact amount of testosterone she would actually need (if any…?).

So our doomed client diligently followed her doctor’s wrong instructions and suddenly discovered that her voice tone dropped 3 levels below her normal voice; and at that lower level position, her voice started to crack and then became raspy and hoarse. Moreover, she started growing body and facial hair…!

How scary is that?
Scary indeed!

Then, on the premise of her now-damaged voice, she went to the ENT specialist and then back to her physician. They both stated that her voice will never get back to normal…

Before reaching us, she tried everything and anything, everybody and anybody, but with no avail.

So in order to bring her voice back to normal and make it sound even better, we had to run (within 6 consecutive days) 30 hours of our very unique and innovative voice instruction (via the Vocal Science™ method and technique), coupled with certain body movements and specifically-administered natural herbs and some homeopathic remedies.

Was this an easy journey? - NOT AT ALL!

My former voice repair client from Denver Colorado USA once said: “Diana, I agree… You are indeed trying to teach the ‘old dog the new tricks’.” Nonetheless, the older person is, the harder that person accepts the new modality of any new behaviour.

Moreover, for the mature person, it is also harder to release any of the previously adopted habits. But, needless to say, this is yet another one of many of our success stories… Please click on the link HERE to read what we have gotten so far as a feedback from both Brenda and her husband Vernon.

By the way, we have to give applause to a very supportive and dedicated husband, who was present at all given times in the studio with us; not to mention was completely present and attentive to everything what was going on throughout the process of uncovering and recovering his wife’s voice.

Way to go Man!

For the rest of you, I would like to wish to have a partner in life like Brenda’s husband. And trust my experience; when you have somebody who supports you 100%, the sky is the limit!

As for yourself: If you suffer from any voice issues, voice disorders or vocal problems, and if, by any chance, you too were given a verdict which made you believe that you are at the point of no return, give us a chance to prove to you that WE GOT THIS… and we will never let you down!

Monday, November 12, 2018

They said that “You will never have your voice back to normal ever again.” We said… “TRY US!”

With the Vocal Science™ method and its own very unique vocal technique, we have proven quite a few medical professionals wrong!

- Case Study #1: Tim Bristol of Niagara Falls, New York -

The above-named non-surgical voice repair client of ours was given a “sentence” of “the point of no return”. The ENT professionals were stating that many of our clients (formally theirs) would never recover their speaking and/or singing voices ever again…

With the above in mind… let’s profile a throat cancer survivor named Tim Bristol.

Some time ago, he came to us seeking a viable solution for his very serious voice problem, after surviving throat cancer. Tim has been a musician, singer/songwriter (at the time) for over 45 years of his life. From his words, his whole life had mainly revolved around music. Also, from his words, while performing on many stages, which he was playing from, he saw nothing but “blue light”. So, needless to say, the constant second-hand smoke was inhaled by Tim, night in and night out… So at his early 60’s, he was diagnosed with cancer of the throat.

Tim, nonetheless, undergone many sessions of chemotherapy, as well as numerous radiation treatments. That left him with a very raspy and hoarse voice and with numbness (loss of sensation of touch) on his fingertips. In both instances, those were very devastating outcomes of the above-mentioned treatments, as not only Tim was a singer/songwriter, but he has also been a very prominent guitar and bass guitar player.

When he asked the doctors what he should do about that, they responded - “None of that matters… Please be grateful that you are alive!”. That was not good enough for Tim, as without playing his guitar and singing his songs in various bands as before, he did not see the meaning of his life down the road… So, he eventually found us. In just 10 hours of our private instruction and natural herbal treatment, he regained his voice. For maintenance, he also attended our healthy voice/vocal workshop, at that time, consisted of two full days of instruction. We concluded his recovery, located in our office plaza, Karaoke place. Once Tim sung a chosen-by-him song, he got a standing ovation.

The owner of the place came up to me and asked why I had been hiding such a great singer and never brought him to sing to his place before…? I revealed that he - along with my other voice repair client from Maryland, USA - were both just here with me for a few days to fix their voices. The owner of the establishment said: “Hahaha… Voice Repair…” - Which was clearly implied that I was actually not telling the truth. I was stunned for a minute, but then started to laugh, as it was a perfect testimonial for me - where the previous damage of my clients’ voices could not, at all, be detected!

Tim’s wife, who was also a singer/songwriter, was completely fascinated by the whole thing and came from Niagara Falls New York to visit us (just for a day) in order to personally witness this fascinating process herself.

At this moment, we are not in communication with Tim himself, which we presume is a good thing, because if he needed us, he would have found us by now. So, from our end, we are certain that he is all good and is continuing singing and playing music for many years and months ahead. From his own words, Tim said: “Diana, You had proved all those doctors wrong! My voice is getting better and better every day!”

Way to go, Tim!
Keep on Rockin’ Man!

If interested to learn more about the above-written story please click HERE

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