Thursday, April 13, 2017

Vocal Science - (PART 2) Calling All Pastors, Priests, Ministers, Bishops, Worship Leaders, Gospel Singers, Etc!

Do you experience any voice problems speaking or singing the word of The Lord?

In a previous blog (titled “Calling All Pastors, Priests, Ministers, Bishops, Worship Leaders, Gospel Singers, Etc”), we have touched the topic of voice issues of those who religiously (no pun intended) worship God and Jesus, using their speaking and singing voices and, unfortunately, sometimes using their voices not always adequately and often excessively.

But what about the church choirs and other religious (or non-religious) choirs for that matter?

People who are singing in those choirs are usually very devoted to their causes, and thus performing their scores very diligently and with everything (so to speak) they’ve got…to the max! They are usually very animated, very energetic, and nevertheless, also using their voices to the max as well. The choir director/master always encourages the choir members to sing passionately and loudly, but not always paying attention to the technical aspects of singing…

The members of those choirs are usually very musically-inclined and some are truly talented. However, not too many of them (on their own) know anything about the proper vocal technique. They rehearse, they perform, they give their all…, voice-wise and otherwise.

But then, some of them begin to experience some voice/vocal problems due to the lack of knowledge with respect to how to use their voices adequately.

They begin to feel that something is not right; and not only with their singing voices, but also with their speaking voices! And unfortunately, in such an equation, even praising The Lord becomes a challenge!

Moreover, even when they recognize that they had become vocally challenged and hardly could perform their religious (and other) obligations, for some very mysterious reason, they think that with that drastic change, nothing will ever change to compromise their voice(s) further…?

Unfortunately, little do they know…

The voice is a very delicate instrument; and once damaged (even so slightly), it has to be attended to sooner rather then later. In fact, if it is not looked after soon enough, the voice may suffer from further damages, and in that instance, it may even end up at the point of no return.

Those people, in this instance, who have dedicated their lives to service God and Jesus, unfortunately, would have to do it ‘somewhat silently', as even with a slightly damaged voice, they will not be able to continue the loud singing with virtually no instruction on how to do it…and do it properly.

For some of them, it may also effect their speech! And as a result, their everyday lives could become challenged and even greatly compromised.

Some of them, nevertheless, virtually turn into “vocal invalids”; and could easily become (in a manner of speaking) “vocally handicapped”.

How sad is that?

But what’s even more so sad; they are thinking that their voice/vocal problem(s) will go away on its own!

They inquire about how to fix it here and there, but really do not execute any action.

Meanwhile, their voice problem does not get any better; but on the contrary, (not being treated in a timely fashion) will, no doubt, become much worse. 

I was just speaking to three clients who previously inquired about our non-surgical voice repair services. Two of them are pastors and one of them is a teacher. All three of them sounded, by far, worse then when they spoke to me originally sometime ago. All three of them are U.S. residents.

Granted, they would have to travel to us (however, for a fairly short time) to obtain our very unique services.

And if they don’t do so in the near future, even I would feel shaky attending to them, as obviously, their voice/vocal problems became exponentially and progressively worse; and thus, the non-surgical method (in that instance) may no longer be effective…unfortunately! So, of course, it is up to their desecration.

From my side, I am trying to help (as much as I can) each and every one of them.

Given the political situation and the world-wide recession, we have reduced our rates to the absolute maximum we could.

We are treating each and every client who comes through our doors with honour and respect. We sympathize with their vocal challenges and we are attending to them as if they were family.

We provide our long-distance clients with everyday complimentary lunch, (if needed) with transportation to and from our studio, we include (free of charge) our essential non-surgical voice repair kit, and lastly, offer them a gift of our book “Vocal Science - Flight to the Universe”.

We would like to wish all of our potential clients to acquire the courage to deal with their vocal problems, face-on! 

We also would like to assure our clients that they will definitely experience a life-altering transformation of their voices and lives in general!

On this note, we would like to wish our existing and potential clients a Happy Easter; and also wish them the best of health and the best of voice…now and always!

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