Friday, April 21, 2017

Vocal Science: The One Stop Voice Repair Shop!

What do we mean by the above?

    Let us explain:

    The voice repair process, by itself, is very complex. And if not approached holistically, it most likely will not produce any meaningful results with respect of the voice-issue(s). 

    The fact is that if the vocal problem had been induced only by lack of the proper voice/vocal technique, then the treatment and restoration of the voice will be (pretty much) straight forward. If the voice issues had also been caused by emotional distress and/or by  neurological disorder(s), then the treatment (at first) will be more on the holistic/physiological and emotional side; and only then it will be focused on the actual voice restoration.

    Some of our clients (especially at the beginning of their Journey) require a lot of emotional support. Without which, sometimes, a voice treatment, as well as “installation” of the proper voice/vocal “mechanism", is virtually impossible. Quite a large percentage of those people ended up with vocal problems which (in the first place) had been emotionally induced. A lot of them came out from abusive relationships - marriages, partnerships  (personal and business), relationships with their children and etc…

    In this instance, majority of the above aforementioned people had thyroid issues, which also were a result of suppressed emotions and hurts. In that instance, the thyroid (in a manner of speaking) “locks” and makes the voice unable to function in a normal capacity.

    Moreover, some of the described above sufferers developed nodules, tumors and even full-blown thyroid cancers! After that (by the medical doctors) they were recommended a “Thyroidectomy”; and unfortunately, quite a big percentage of those patients (as a result of such surgery) ended up with paralyzed vocal cord(s).

    The other category of voice issues sufferers happened to be heavy-duty smokers, drinkers and some…even drug users.  Naturally, the capacity of their lungs had been diminished and their “throat flora” had been highly compromised. The gastric acid reflux was definitely present and their vocal cords (in some cases) ended up being severely burned.

    Also, people who were living and or  working in a highly-polluted environment had been greatly suffering from allergies, asthma and, as a result, severe voice/vocal issues. Taking all of the above described for consideration, we would not be able to work on the voice restoration on its own…

    We need to address ALL THE HEALTH ISSUES around the voice issues; because (holistically speaking) all of those health and voice components are normally supposed to be working between each other in total correlation and synchronicity.

    So if any of the above-described health problems are present, the whole physical body (and the voice being part of it) will be thrown out of balance; and thus, the voice/vocal mechanism itself will become compromised.

    To conclude - from our side, utilizing our very unique Vocal Science technique combined with over 4 decades of knowledge, experience and expertise in the holistic field of practicing natural health, we promise not only to fix your voice, but also to attend to each and every person, addressing their individual needs with respect to not only their voice problems, but their health overall.

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