Thursday, January 19, 2017

Vocal Science, Non-Surgical Voice Repair For All The Right Reasons… Think Outside Of The Box!

In a manner of speaking, this blog will be a perfect continuation of the previous blog named “Voice And Vocal Problems… Out-Doctored And Out-Treated… What’s next? “.

Indeed… What’ next?

By the law of averages, the next best thing would be to look and find the alternative solution to any of your health or voice problems. After all, we are talking about your health; and not only your voice/vocal health, but your health in general. I always had said that the voice is a reflection of the state of your being and the identification of who you are. It is equivalent to your fingerprints, as they voice you possess is exclusively your property.

You can acquire voice problems from all different causes and for all different reasons.

One of them could indeed be connected to the state of your health in general. One of the most common reasons could be your thyroid problem, which itself is interconnected to your emotional state of being.

According to holistic teaching, the thyroid represents suppressed emotions and hurts. Once the thyroid is affected, the voice may just literally get “stuck” in the lower position of your throat which will make your voice sound dull, possibly raspy and hoarse (due to excess of mucus and gastric acid) and, given the above, your projection (speaking and/or singing)will be severely compromised.

Also, more and more, we are attending to cases where, for whichever reason, (the main one is cancer of thyroid), the actual gland had been removed.  Unfortunately, and I am not afraid to say, that at least 80 percent of those who have undergone thyroidectomy, in the process, ended up with one or both vocal cords paralyzed.

How sad is that? Sad, indeed.

Therefore, when you are considering any kind of surgical procedures, be advised that if the procedure to be performed is anywhere close to your vocal anatomy, you could be very prone to vocal cord(s) damage. Even more sad news is when the operation is conducted not even near of vocal anatomy, and yet, due to intubation, your vocal box could be quite severely damaged.

So, in my opinion, unless it is a matter of life or death, try to avoid any kind of surgery at all cost!

The next major reason for voice problems could be acquired from what’s called acid reflux

Acid reflux (in majority of cases) is caused by a poor diet and poor lifestyle in general.

Some people really love acidic foods which include:

  • Spicy foods

  • Acidic fruits and vegetables

  • Red meats

  • ·Tomato-based products and etc.

The above can produce an excess of acid which (especially when the voice is positioned in the lower throat) will negatively affect the vocal anatomy and the vocal cords in particular.

As for singers and for loud speakers, it is very common to acquire what is called muscle tension dysphonia.

Speakers usually get it when they speak excessively and loudly, while concurrently pushing and pulling the voice out of the neck muscles; whereas singers usually lack proper vocal technique, and thus, also trying to extract the singing sound from all, so to speak, available muscles of their anatomy.

The more they push and pull, the more the neck muscles become “inviting”. Once the voice is completely drawn to the neck muscles, the muscle tension dysphonia “gladly” takes place. Something like this cannot be treated surgically.

With that said, the effected person has to start thinking outside of the box, so to speak.

What do I mean by that? Since everybody nowadays is (nevertheless) becoming computer savvy, they should be more then capable to conduct an adequate and thorough research; and by collecting the facts, they should be able to differentiate right from wrong and the real deal from the fake.

On this note, I would like to wish you all good luck in finding what you are looking for:  The best health and the best voice!

Friday, January 13, 2017

Voice And Vocal Problems… Out-Doctored And Out-Treated… What’s next?

The next thing is to regain your lost voice and gain back control of your life.
However, easier said then done!

We noticed that if our potential clients reveal to us that they started having vocal issues only a few month ago, statistically, those clients with voice problems will not end up in our studio anytime soon. However, the ones who have been suffering with their voice problems for over 2, 3, 5 or even more years, will most likely embark on our services that much faster.

I thought about it long and hard and I came to the conclusion that those with recent voice/vocal problems have not been “out-doctored” enough yet. They still believe (especially in countries like Canada and England) that the medicine is “free” (in a manner of speaking); and thus they will be able to find adequate “free” medical care to treat (and even “cure”) their vocal problems. 

Since it’s all new and fresh to them, they are heavily accessing numerous doctors and specialists, especially those who they don’t have to pay to, from their own pocket. After a year or two, having no accountable results, they begin to realize that the medical profession is not always beneficial in dealing with voice/vocal problems.

The doctors are, of course, more instrumental (no pun intended) when it comes to surgeries, but not all vocal problems could be remedied via a vocal operation. The doctors are obviously “scalpel or laser happy”, especially when it comes to growths on the vocal cords (nodules, polyps, cysts). However, if we are talking about muscle tension dysphonia or spasmodic dysphonia, no surgical interference could be offered in that instance.

Then the patient is usually offered conventional speech therapy, where they are instructed to blow bubbles and to blow into a kazoo, as well as to perform lip trills…

All of the above will, no doubt, produce the dry throat and will aggravate whichever voice/vocal issue the patient may have.

So the question is: How useful is that?

After being completely out-doctored and “out-treated”, our potential clients finally start to look for alternative sources such as our institution, and other institutions alike.

Now, conducting in-depth searches, they finally land on one or both of our websites. They are all happy, as they think that now, all of their vocal troubles and tribulations are finally going to be resolved and, on that note, they contact us…

Now, I would like to share with you, my reader, how this process is going now and how it used to be going in the previous years:

Let’s compare my exquisite, premiere services (which actually do produce the desirable and accountable results) with Mercedes Dealership.

In the past, I owned two high-end Mercedes; and when I first came to the dealership to purchase each of them, I felt worthy of it and deserving of it as well. I also (in full consciousness) was realizing that at, the absolute bottom, the Mercedes Benz that I was looking for, would start at $60,000/$70,000. I did not expect to pay a price of the bicycle for the high-end Mercedes, nor did I expect the sales person to “dance around me” with all kinds of specials…

Somehow, my potential clients (especially nowadays) expect from me (and our institution, nevertheless) exactly what I just described above. However, to their credit (in the past) they still possessed a realization that it is a “Mercedes services” that they were planning to acquire. I still had to provide them with “special care” (in fact, it was, and still is, my pleasure to do so) and then I would conclude it with a reasonable deal for both parties.

Today the problem is, that even though my potential clients are totally out-doctored and out-treated, they seem to have lost the concept of the “Mercedes premiere service”; and moreover, those services are expected to provide them with the full cure, in the nick of time and for a “nickel ninety nine” charge for it…!

The problem is, that in our digital era, bombarded with a whole bunch of useful (and not so useful) information, people are unable to differentiate a Mercedes from a scooter. How sad is that?

Nevertheless, in spite of providing no less then Mercedes services, we still “dance around” quite a bit to best accommodate our potential clients; and not only to make our services most affordable to them, but also make their stay with us as comfortable as possible.

Lately, we have been adding quite a few complimentary items; like my book “Vocal Science – Flight to the Universe” (value of $45), a natural herbal and homeopathic voice repair kit (value of $250 to $300), transportation to and from our studio/clinic and even lunch (complimentary of The Royans School) on an everyday basis throughout our client’s stay. You could compare it back to a basic Mercedes, where it would be offered to be upgraded to a convertible, sport, AMG package and the top-class tires with the top-class original rims…

Wouldn’t that be a dream come true?

Indeed it will be; and unfortunately, it will continue to remain to be a dream, as in reality, nothing like this would ever happen!

So my dream would be that my potential clients would separate their unrealistic dreams from reality and, on that note and in a manner of speaking, “wake up and smell the coffee”!


Stay in touch with reality, but never give up on your dreams!

To conclude: We wish the absolute best to you all. Now… and in the future!

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Vocal Science: All Voice - No Pain! ("All V - No P").

Not only a great amount of people are losing voices these days, but also a lot of them are experiencing severe pain in their throats.

Before, we had complaints, primarily from singers; but more and more, just regular people (speakers) are complaining on extreme discomfort in their vocal box in general. 

The singers are usually ruining their vocal anatomy simply for the lack of education and simple knowledge; and thus, lack of the proper vocal technique. They very often end up with laryngitis, i.e., with the hoarse and raspy voice; not to mention an extreme pain in their throats. The singers (also very often) end up with the growth on their vocal cord(s); such as polyps, nodules, cysts and etc.
 The regular people who do not take proper care of their voice and (in majority of times) their health in general, usually end up with muscle tension dysphonia or spasmodic dysphonia. Nevertheless, they (of course) are also susceptible to the growth on their vocal cords, but more like papilloma and polyps. They are also very susceptible to lesions in their throats, as well as burnt vocal cords due to the occurrence of acid reflux.

Unfortunately, both speakers and singers are also not exempt from vocal cord(s) paralysis/paresis.

Naturally, there is physical pain (to whichever degree for whichever vocal injury); but also, there is an emotional pain, as both speakers and singers realize that something out of the ordinary is happening to them and their voices. And, especially at the beginning of this ordeal, they feel quite lost, not knowing what to do and where to get help.

Our philosophy at The Royans Institute for Non-Surgical Voice Repair is “All Voice – No pain”!

Once we uncover and discover (in a manner of speaking) the injured voice, we (via special speech exercises, coupled with specially designed body motions) try, at all costs, to release the “trapped” voice from its vocal anatomy “prison”, (so to speak). Especially in the case of Muscle Tension Dysphonia (where neck muscles literally hold the voice in ‘contempt’), the voice, nevertheless, has to be “yanked” out of there, which is (no doubt) easier said then done.

The neck muscles are “truly in love” with the human voice and even when my client and I think that the voice is finally “flying” out of there, it is like a swamp, “calling” it and literally “pulling” it back in.

Sometimes, the recurrence of the above happens multiple times.
 Once the voice is finally released from the lower throat and the neck muscles, the pain usually subsides and the sufferer feels a great release; and not only physically, but emotionally as well.

Now the human voice has to find a “new home”  - the facial muscles!

Those facial cavities will become a real saviour for anybody who had voice issues and everybody else who cares about their speaking/singing voice in general. Those (in a sense) sinus cavities will amplify the voice at least quadruple times over its volume; and naturally, will promote a proper articulation and enunciation. However, without the support of the abdominal muscles, the lift of the voice is not possible.
 Therefore, the abdominal muscles have to be strengthened to be able to give a proper “launch” for the voice to “soar” to its aimed destination, provided that the sound lands within those facial muscles. At that point, the voice within the newly found facial muscles will be working in full conjunction and coordination with the abdominal muscles. 
The above (in turn) will minimize the use of the throat, larynx and the vocal cords. 

To Conclude, there will be “All Gain and No Pain”, i.e., by osmosis, “All Voice and No Pain”, as (at that point) the vocal anatomy will be completely released from the pressure of the sound; and, in addition, nurtured with natural herbal and homeopathic remedies for its complete healing. 

Monday, January 9, 2017

Vocal Science: Fix your Voice and Experience "Shocking” (So To Speak) Side Effects!

To find out what they are, Please Read On...

Due to this digital and very chemically polluted world, we are receiving more and more inquiries about various vocal disorders which people experience on a day by day basis. 

Our fruits and vegetables are chemically altered and our chickens (for example) are double-sized, due to be fed and raised with hormones and antibiotics. 

All of the above weakens our immune systems and makes us susceptible to all kinds of diseases; and unfortunately, cancer is one of them. Almost on an everyday basis, we are hearing about peoples’ thyroids being removed (usually due to cancer); and then, as a result of that, one (or even both) vocal cords  become paralyzed!

Also, people who have their regular diets consisting of a lot of fat, mucus and acids, could get a problem with the excess of gastric acid in their bodies, which could produce what’s called acid reflux; and which, in turn, may burn ones’ vocal cords and (on top of it) restrict the persons’ breathing.

And lastly, the improper application of the voice for speakers and singers, could lead to a serious voice damage.

So, especially for singers, the proper vocal technique should be a MUST so (by the application of the latter) the singer could save and protect his/her voice for a lifetime.

As for regular speaking people, I would suggest to be also in check with their speaking voice, i.e., not to scream or yell on a regular basis; keep your throat protected out of the cold and out of outer pollutions (such as smoking, drinking and drugs).  Also, beware of second hand smoke, which also could be very harmful to you in general and to your vocal anatomy in particular.

So, if some of the above had happened to you, but you managed to fix your voice, (hopefully, non-invasively and non-surgically), at that point, you will be able to enjoy the positive side-effects of that occurrence!

Once you have regained and restored your voice back to normal, (or almost back to normal), your happiness and your confidence will rise to the max (and rightfully so). 
I have a true belief that your voices IS your spirit; and once you lift your voice, you will uplift your spirit!

What do I mean by “lifting your voice”? 

I mean that, in any case (voice repair or not) the sound of the voice has to be restructured to the different set of muscles located in your facial cavities. By removing the pressure of the sound from the vocal box, it will allow the vocal anatomy to be free and healed (if needed).

The above will facilitate a “true vocal rest”.

Those facial muscles will play the role of the natural amplifier (or what we call, resonator); provided though that the lift of the voice to those muscles will be supported by the abdominal muscles; and thus, the voice will “blast off”!

My book is named “Vocal Science – Flight to the Universe”, and the very first picture of a space shuttle illustrates the blast-off of a rocket, which separates from the launching pad and flies on top of its fuel.

The caption of that picture in the book allegorically suggests that the launching pad represents the human body, the fuel underneath of the rocket represents the breathing, (and finally) the rocket represents the soaring voice which is flying to its aimed destination and upon design. When the rocket is launched, it’s being aimed to either the Moon or to Mars…

The flight of such rocket is regulated by scientists and engineers who are staying put on earth. Respectively, you can only become an owner of your voice when you predominantly are able to know how to launch your sound and where that sound will land.

Once you acquire such knowledge, you will acquire a very pleasant side-effect of it… YOUR CONFIDENCE! 

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Vocally Speaking – If You Own The Car, You Probably Will Guess That Topping Up The Fluids, Will Not Fix Your Car’s Mechanical Problems!

More and more, I am getting requests to have a video chat (Skype, FaceTime, WeChat and what have you) with my prospective clients who, on top of it, asking for some tips on how to fix their speaking and singing voices…?


Nevertheless, some of them have pretty serious voice/vocal disorders.

One of them very recently told me about his excessive acid reflux, which (almost on the root) ruined his singing voice.

This is a direct quote from his e-mail:

“2 years ago my voice would crack on low notes, and now today I have some good days, but still not 100%  I went last month and had my throat looked at.  He said he seen scared tissue, and 2 pin drop nodules at top and bottom of my vocal cords.  Also he said I had a lot of mucus on my cords.”

“I am reaching out for any tips you can help out with on full recovery, retraining the vocal cords to be stable on all notes.”
So this person (and any other people for that matter) truly believes that something serious (as he described), he would be able to fix on his own, shall he receive the “right tips” how to do it…?

Forgive me, but it sounds completely and utterly ridiculous to say the least! Comparing it again with the car problems, I could see that the car mechanic could give some tips to the driver; like, for example, to try to top up the transmission fluid or brakes fluid, to temporarily improve the car performance.

However, if the engine, brakes or transmission are out of whack, no topped up fluids are going to fix the actual problem. The car has to be towed to the car mechanic shop to be assessed, diagnosed and then fixed accordingly.


The car has to be present in front of the mechanic, as the student has to be present in front of me, so I could do assessment and evaluation on his/her voice and his/her voice performance; run some tests and then, once the problem is defined, outline the best course of action to rectify it….IN PERSON!

The person in question (by definition) is NOT a car mechanic; and thus NO TIPS from the very best mechanic will help him to fix his own car, as he simply does not have the required knowledge and/or the license to do so.

Ever since the Internet took over our lives, human beings began to behave like robots; with no presence of any brains, let alone any form of common sense.

They think that the Internet could fix all of their problems by just reading about anything and everything online; take the useless tips from anybody and everybody and then try something which they are not competent to even embark upon.

Some of them are, evidently, asking for nothing but trouble!

Our society in general became very lazy and very laid back, as they think they can solve all of their problems, wants and needs while not even getting off of the couch. No doubt, slowly but surely, they are experiencing brain atrophy and body inadequacy.

Not enough that their emotions and compassion (not to mention physicality) are also gone. Some of them LITTERALY “cannot walk and chew gum at the same time”.

The nature of the Vocal Science technique requires the solid connection between the mental understanding of the procedure and motor skills reciprocation in order to discover and uncover their true speaking/singing voice…

Some of the exercises require the student to walk and combine their walk with certain body moves, which (in turn) will allow them to understand the movement of the physical sound in a more tangible form…

I have been teaching in Toronto for almost 37 years (and 33 of those years in my own school). Unfortunately, with full-blown technology kicking in, day-by-day, I have been seeing a great decline of people’s intelligence, intellectuality and musicality for that matter. They literally have nothing to sing about, as they are too consumed with texting and e-mailing 24/7.

I always smile when I hear the Northwood Mortgage commercial.

They are advocating and advertising their best mortgage rates and invite people to sing about it (as it is so good that they would want to sing about it). I have to say that their jingle is actually pretty good and certainly much better then some music and some singing that I have been hearing on the radio! LOL!

How sad is that?

Sad indeed!

People now are afraid to speak on the phone (let alone in person) or sing.

They have lost a sense of communication.

Since they are degrading so rapidly, their music is becoming truly unlistenable. For many years, I have been working with a lot of singers/songwriters and I have to say that I used to enjoy at least some of their music in the past years.

Unfortunately, no more!

No doubts, our world has gone crazy and is getting crazier, now by the second (in the not-so-distant past, I used to say, “by the minute”).

I, however, am praying everyday for the world to get better and for the people to re-acquire their humanity…

And, of course… for world peace!