Friday, April 1, 2016

Why Vocal Science? Because… Nothing Is Science.

Evidently, there are a lot of ways to get into vocal problems, but there is only one way to get out of them. And that is by utilizing the Vocal Science ™ method –, proper speaking and singing voice application and The Unique Non-Surgical Voice Repair approach.

The components of the Vocal Science™ technique have been scientifically researched for nearly four decades. In this instance, the sound has been treated as a physical material body. Since, nevertheless, any physical material entity travels in circular direction, the sound itself travels in the same pattern.

When we are talking about a human being producing sound, the sound will travel in circular direction, (relatively, respectively and prospectively to the person’s height of the body and the width of the body), which will be consistent with the circumference of the circle.

The Vocal Science method is totally congruent with the laws of physics and geometry. 

As we speak now, in Boston US, there are the best of the best, world class figure skaters, competing against each other. (Figure Skating World Championship 2016). 

Unfortunately, the figure skating field became very physical and very circus-flying-acrobats-like (to my dismay). Being a big fan of figure skating, I used to enjoy it more when it was more artistic rather than (almost all) technical.

However, it is what it is.

Now, in this equation, the multiple triples and quads are required to be present in their program; and, believe me, it is extremely tasking on the body and, nevertheless, it is prone to very serious bodily injuries. 

Skating is precision and, believe it or not, so is speaking and singing. The triple or quad jumps consist of 3 or 4 revolutions (fully rotated circles). The skater needs to jump off of the ice (not with the ice), and jump high enough to accommodate those revolutions.

The skater also has to be “dead-on” center, otherwise their landing will never happen and the skater will end up flipped over down the ice. Same goes for the sound of the voice.

Using the abdominal muscles for the sound support, taking for consideration the central line of the body (nose and bellybutton), sending the sound to the absolute height and using the upper diaphragm to achieve the circumference of the circle, the utmost vocal performance (technically speaking) will be achieved.

If to (all of the above), add a natural talent of the artist, as well as his/her artistic abilities, the marriage of two will be unprecedented.

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