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Vocal GPS… How useful can it be to arrive safely and promptly to your destination?

Vocally Speaking and Otherwise… Be your Healthy Best! Prevent your Vocal Disorder!

Nowadays, my practice consists of at least 85-90% of nonsurgical voice repair clients. It is unfortunate, but it is a fact.One of the reasons is that people, overall, are getting to be not as healthy as they used to be. Our earth is deeply polluted and respectively, the food we eat and the air we breathe is also very toxic. A lot of voice disorder cases I am receiving are being effected environmentally, and then of course, a lot of them have been misusing their voices while speaking and, or, singing. But, first and foremost, the problem with the majority of cases begins with their inner health inadequacy. Also, a lot of those people are very intense, loud and extremely emotional. Right away, speaking loudly and forcefully, they are putting their vocal chords, and the whole vocal box in general, in great distress. They are straining their vocal chords and twisting their larynx on a consistent, everyday basis. Their posture is usually not intact as well. And then, due to extreme emotion…

It's not Speech Therapy... but Innovative Speaking Voice Repair (Part 1)