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Post Voice Repair Course – Positive and Not So Positive Consequences

Vocal Injury … The pain could be inevitable, but the suffering should be optional.

“I’m not a reborn Christian, I am a reborn human,” said Karen Gundling, my recent voice repair client from Ottawa, Ontario. Like many of my other clients, Karen lived with her voice disorder for almost two decades.  She had seen many medical professionals, alternative doctors, and nevertheless, speech therapists. To all of them, she had been complaining about the pain in her throat, her neck and her shoulder, evidently associated with that. 
Practically all of them told her that it is “all in her head”. 
Only one of the specialists was able to diagnose her with muscle tension dysphonia (MTD), but like everybody else, he was not able to administrate any kind of treatment which would help Karen to get rid of her nagging pain while speaking. 
Needless to say, she was devastated and practically was ready to give up on life. 
She is a very vibrant and boisterous person who loves to talk a lot. Some of the so-called medical professionals ordered her to keep silent for six months!! Needless to sa…