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Vocal Buffet Part 2: All You Can Eat? Maybe, But Very So Carefully As Well...

Vocal Buffett; All You Can Sing? Maybe, But Very So Carefully…

To my knowledge, at least 90 percent of the population loves to sing.

Some of them are doing it for the recreational purposes; others say that they do it for recreational purposes, but secretly hope that one day, someday, they will become singing stars. And lastly, the other category simply consider themselves to be already professional singers, as they occasionally perform in different venues and sometimes, they even get some remuneration.
In this blog, I will refrain from talking about the real professionals with names and reputations, however, even they could stand some extra mentoring and instruction and not only vocal instruction per say.
However, out of 90% of song lovers, only 3 to 5% make it to the big stage.
Why is that, you may ask?
There is a bouquet of reasons, which pertain to that occurrence.
First of all, before reaching any heights at all, the majority of those wannabe singers end up with a variety of vocal problems.
Some of them are trying to become Opera singers, while havi…

Vocal Damage - Vocal Rehab: Calling All Vocally Injured Speakers and Singers…


Vocally Speaking: Inner Bomb Detonation, So to Speak… How Dangerous or how Beneficial could that be?

Vocal damage hurts, but you don’t have to.
It could be devastating when the vocal injury occurs for both speakers and singers. Interestingly enough, for speakers, it appears to be even more tragic, as they absolutely unaware about that occurrence.

While overusing and abusing their voice, they have no idea that one day, it can burst on them. They continue pushing and pulling until their voice literally “pops” (by description of one of my voice repair clients) and then becomes hardly usable. 

Clearly it does not happen at that moment; the, so to speak, ‘stage’ (the precedent) was pre-set for some time. They were ‘building a bomb’ in a manner of speaking, and it was only as a matter of time when the ‘bomb’ would eventually detonate.  Of course, those amateur, or even professional speakers, felt and sensed the change in the delivery of their voice. 

But the majority of them chose to ignore it and, sometimes, for prolonged periods of time. So they continued pushing it to the max until they cou…

Vocal “Junkie”, in the manner of speaking... Addicted to the sound of your voice? How Dangerous could that be?