Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas 2013 My Heart and My Voice will go on and on… On behalf of and by: Recovered voice repair client/opera singer from Essex UK, Evie Bonella

Given what’s written by Evie Bonella below, we could easily make a projection to the rapidly upcoming Year 2014.

The best is certainly yet to come for our very dedicated and extremely focused former voice repair client, Evelyn Bonella.

She still remains to be our client, but now to become a professional opera singer. And, as her voice repair ordeal is finally behind her, nothing will stop us from prospering this beautiful girl full of dreams and hopes to a professional opera world.

We hope that one day soon, she will serenade us, (and the whole world for that matter), with her newly found, beautiful coloratura soprano.

We also know for a fact that she will never experience any vocal problems ever again, as now, Vocal Science technique became her…

“Hi Diana,
I am writing to thank you for helping me achieve my dreams this year.  You made the impossible, possible. I never would have believed over a year ago that I would have recorded 2 songs, started auditioning in London and finished it all off on Thursday at my Christmas showcase singing a top 'C'. My whiskers have grown really strong like a true tigress, and the hours working on Vocal Science technique, have done everything you promised and more! Next week I will be enjoying singing Carols, something I couldn't do last year, yet day by day I have improved and continue to do so with my singing and speaking, it goes to show hard work pays off. I will be enjoying the holidays like never before,  with plans to make in the New Year, as more opportunities present themselves, that I am able to pursue.
Wishing the best holidays and a Happy New Year to you and all at the Royans School.
All my heartfelt thanks and love
Evie Bonella

Saturday, December 21, 2013

"I am a Vocal Science method follower. Once the music starts playing, I am ready to sing!"

On behalf of our client:

“I’ve known Diana Yampolsky for quite a while.  I took lessons from her since I was 17, which would be now 10-11 years ago.

Due to family circumstances, I had to take quite a significant break and now almost 10 years later, I am back into her studio.

Due to heavy-duty emotional impact, my throat nearly closed and I was not able to squeak a sound for the longest time.

When I came back to experience more of Vocal Science and also treat my vocal anatomy, and along with that get into the needed balance, I realized that singing and music is my calling, and my life assignment.

Diana has done a lot of counselling with me, as well as, a lot of herbal and homeopathic treatments for my voice and for my physical and emotional being to bring me back on track.

It took some time, but now my voice is ready to soar. 

My vocal anatomy is strong and healthy and can withhold any amount of sound.

I can last for hours and my voice will never get tired.

Mentally and emotionally, I am now very healthy.  However, physically, I need to do more work to have greater endurance, as I’m preparing for big performances, which might take a lot of energy and quite a bit of effort to stay yet again, strong and focussed- physically, mentally, emotionally and vocally.

My total fitness is almost complete and along with that, my life has become much brighter and much more hopeful, as ever since I was a little girl, I knew that all I ever wanted to do in my life was sing and also to make other people happy listening to me.
It looks like my dream is just around the corner to be realized.

My family life is much better now; I don’t get depressed easily as before and if I do feel a little blue, I do remember that I have a big goal in life to achieve-to become a professional singer and thus to feel happy for the rest of my life.

Between seeing Diana when I was a teenager and now when I’m in my late twenties, I had a rough patch to go through including my own marriage and not just my parents’ who unfortunately had to split up.

My marriage has also benefitted from me being healthier, happier and wanting to do more things in life.

My husband is now much happier also, as he finally got back his partner in life who is ready to share all the ups and downs with him and be strong and stronger when needed.

I hear the music in my ears not only when the music plays, but at all given times, but when the real music plays, having Vocal Science technique under my belt, I am ready to sing, and if needed dance and definitely enjoy the beauty of  music, singing and needless to say, overall happiness of my heart and soul.

Thank you, Vocal Science for putting me back in my vocal shoes.”

Friday, December 20, 2013

Vocal Science ™ Delivering (In-Person) the Online World…

Vocally speaking, that is exactly what the Royans Professional Vocal School does and advocates.
We soon will be celebrating our 30th anniversary since we opened the doors.

When we did, we had one rotary phone and a little later, a tape answering machine.

In no time, we had over a 100 students, 7 teachers, retail music store and rehearsal space for the bands to practice.

Those were the days…

Interestingly enough, the business was by far more efficient, not to mention, more personalized and even more intimate, so to speak.

We neither texted each other trying to establish the schedule or confirm the sessions, nor we emailed each other for the information or for details on the course.

Everything was done fast and efficient via landline on both ends and the school was booming. 

Today, people have no concept of talking on the phone and lately, even no concept of actually receiving an instruction in-person!

They want it via phone, skype or facetime.
Go figure!

I am old school and I find when I work with a person’s voice and nevertheless, with the person  as a whole, it does become quite an intimate endeavour, as the voice reflects the person’s true being and through its development, establishes his/her’s identification.

The human body represents the “instrument“, which the person (speaker or singer) should be able to extract the maximum capacity of. 

It is only possible when the body positioned properly. and all the muscles of the body are working in full conjunction and coordination with each other.

If the person does not stay straight and his body is quite slouched, the sound will be drawn down and will end up in the chest and will eventually die at the person’s feet.

If the person stands with the pelvis out, the sound will be falling onto the hips, will be crooked and will also never reach its aimed destination.

As we already know the sound is a physical material body and travels as such, i.e. relatively, respectively, prospectively to the person’s height, width and central line of the person’s body.

How is it possible to establish the above via skype, let alone the phone? Beats me...!
I work with the person, not the robot, therefore the real eye contact (not virtual), the real connection (like the mother and the child with an umbilical cord) is very important.

I get to know my student by looking at him and his life, sometimes from the childhood.
The emotional makeup of the person I am working with is very important in our present and future vocal development. 

It never ceases to amaze me, especially when it comes to a serious voice repair, that those troubled people are asking for the virtual cure.

I wouldn’t be surprised if soon, the chiropractic doctors and masseuses will be questioned whether or not  they could perform their skills virtually, so that the very lazy and out of touch people would be able to receive even those services not  leaving their couch or their home per say.  LOL!!!

It is the least  to say retarded, but, unfortunately, it almost is becoming a reality. 
I am, personally, really scared, as I’m not sure where this world is going to end up.
No wonder the economy is exponentially going down the drain, as the real people have been substituted by machines and robots.

One of my assistants revealed to me that his future date wanted to give her agreement for the actual date via skype.

Since he’s not exactly a spring chicken, however, still young enough, even he was a little shocked on that proposition, but then still had to settle for a text.

How pathetic is that?

I understand  that this is our world today and somehow, at least the parts of it, I, unfortunately, have to accept.

But, if I can help it, I would still like to continue doing what I have been doing best for a greater part of my life-delivering even today’s online world, up close, interactive and intimate, and needless to say, IN-PERSON.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

“I was Born to Do It And was Given a Skill to Perform It“. -Patrick Chan, (Canadian Figure Skater)

Vocally speaking, you may be born to do it, but have you obtained the skill to perform it?
If we come back to the figure skaters now, we could definitely admire our Canadian dance champions,

Not only they are amazingly graceful dancing on ice, but they are also amazingly skillful when it comes to the figure skating technique.

They have been vigorously training near London Ontario for many years, and being naturally talented, they combined the Great Canadian Figure Skating School technique with their given, evidently by birth, grace and poise. The marriage of two made them not only world champions, (numerous of times), but also made them Olympic Gold Medalists in 2010.

If we go to our other, quite well known, Canadian female figure skater, Jennifer Robinson, who too has won some international competitions, but never was able to go to the absolute heights. She has been really beautifully gliding on ice, but unfortunately, 3 out of 4 required jumps and their combinations, she was landing incorrectly, or even flat down on the ice.

Needless to say, her technical merit was, by far, behind her artistic abilities and her very beautiful looks.
Obviously, somewhere there, during her development as a figure skater, the technical aspect of it was quite a bit missing, and that resulted in an, otherwise very talented performer, never being able to reach out to her fullest potential.

Now, let’s talk about singing and vocal performance.

As I mentioned before, I have been, quite religiously, watching all of those reality TV shows dedicated to the singing competitions and vocal performances. By some, very strange and mysterious reason, they all, usually, start with quite strong singers. Then, somehow, the better ones are getting eliminated and by far, not the strongest ones end up in the last 10 or even 5 remaining vocal performers, striving to win the competition.

Practically, all of those shows are judged by the audience, especially closer to the end, and that tells us that the audience have no idea of what to look for. It appears to be that the audience is very musically uneducated and, sometimes, I presume that some of them are just simply “deaf”.

They are choosing the person that sings off-key, screaming from the bottom of their throat and the top of their lungs, instead of the person, who is not only naturally talented, but has some schooling, some class, some technique and some intelligence. Let alone the audience, even the judges, sometimes, never cease to amaze me.

Those who became mentors for the certain groups, seem to be defending their mentorship, more so then being objective to their protégés, who, of course, they have gotten attached to in the process, but still…

However, evidently, everything “comes out in a wash”, so to speak.

The lack of the technical abilities of the top chosen singers is becoming extremely apparent, and frankly, extremely annoying, as some of them are outright screaming like they have been attacked, assaulted or, at least, mugged. LOL

Others were sounding like they were trapped in a long tunnel between their throats and their nasal passages, scooping each and every note off of their guts and whatever was left of their vocal anatomy, not leaving us a hope that there will be a “light at the end of that tunnel”.

How pathetic is that…?

Honestly, my ears have been quite destroyed ever since I engaged in watching and analyzing, (via occupational hazard), the participants of certain competitions, their singing abilities and their, usually non-existent, vocal technique. The lack of the latter usually causes a pitch problem, as the voice is not placed accurately in designated muscles and, therefore, travels uncontrollably and without predicament.

My fear is, that soon, the singing off key, off tone and off tune will become the norm and will be passed for the real thing and become the standard. Everybody’s ears are gradually getting more accustomed to, at least a semitone up or down of the real note and therefore, when the singer will sing in the actual tune, it might be questioned!!!  

To say that it is sad to think this way would be an understatement, and frankly, would be quite tragic.
The word, “music” will soon become obsolete and probably, even sooner, will be replaced with the word, “Cacophony”.   (Please Google the Definition of the Latter).

Thank God for the classics!

Like in a classical Ballet, there are certain standards and canons have been established and traditionally followed. On that note, I am becoming a bigger fan of classical music and even Opera, which I never thought would happen to me. For over 33 years here in Canada, I have been teaching/coaching and producing every genre of music but classical. And I have to say that I have been enjoying it at the time.

Nowadays, hearing people literally murdering even the old cover tunes, not to mention the modern, so-called songs, turned me off of it completely, especially of the pop genre, which became literally an “alternative” to music. 

As for the music industry in general, I am certainly prepared for the worst, but definitely remain to be hopeful for the best yet to come… in one of the upcoming decades.