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Vocal Paresis - The Causes and Consequences.

More and more, in my practice (close to four decades), I have been hearing about the devastating vocal disorder - Vocal Paresis, also known as Vocal Paralysis. The interesting thing is that a lot of other vocal disorders are usually caused by speaking and/or singing in the wrong (and often aggressive) way.

- Vocal Paresis, as well as Spasmodic Dysphonia, quite often have additional reasons for their occurrence. -

Interestingly enough, I hear a lot about some kind of a virus (or even a simple cold) that had produced vocal paresis affecting one or even both vocal cords. When a person is under a lot of stress, their immune system subsides which means that they become more susceptible to all kinds of infections, colds, and needless to say, viruses.

A couple of years ago, a client from Atlanta, Georgia came with one paralyzed vocal cord, which occurred after he experienced a really severe strep throat condition. However, this person was a pastor who travelled internationally, givin…

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